What About bOb

What About bOb

We bought our first, and hopefully forever, home on five acres nestled in between the foothills of the Sequoia National Forest back in February 2017. We dreamt of having land so that we could once again delve back into the world of rescuing wild horses. Although we found the perfect location for our dreams to unfold, the house was far from finished. Growing up, I loved watching my parents work on our house and now my husband and I have a fixer-upper of our own. We just so happen to have the added challenge of working around my disabilities to accomplish our goals.

We learned about bObsweep after hearing rave reviews from a few of our friends. Due to my disabilities, physical exertion (such as vacuuming) can often prove to be too difficult at times, so we’ve needed a better option. Our Pet Hair Plus bObsweep is an automatic robot that not only vacuums, but also has the ability to mop. Since our house is currently in renovation mode, we weren’t sure how “bOb” would hold up around our unfinished concrete floors and different wall trimmings. Instead, we stood back impressed at how determined bOb was to work around obstacles (even conquering a height difference with flooring).

After having two long-haired dogs and two wiry-haired dogs that seemingly shed all the time, we’re so excited to finally have found something to lighten the load when it comes to household chores that aren’t always accomplished. Now, we can focus on turning our house into a home without the added stress of being behind on certain chores. While it’s a long process, it can be incredibly exciting to watch your vision materialize into something built on love, dedication and teamwork.

This post was brought to you in partnership with bObsweep.

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