One of our favorite weekly hashtags on social media was #tongueouttuesday until we came across a few Shepherds showing off their massive jaws for #teethouttuesday. I had to laugh the first time I searched for photos of Nihmh showing off her pearly whites because she has the most innocent toothy smile where only her bottom teeth are showing. It’s hardly intimidating, but it’s definitely one of the most endearing things about her.

Earlier today, I came across this gem which shows one of the most incredible benefits to feeding raw–pure white teeth! After having fed dogs kibble my entire life, the past six months feeding raw has been a total game changer. People often ask us about the cost of raw feeding and to be honest, we haven’t broken down the cost because we know that this diet is what’s best for our dogs and it’s a non-option for us, so we always make it work and never want the exact numbers to get in the way. Although, as time has gone on, we’ve figured out more ways to cut costs, including finding suppliers where we can get Turkey Necks for $0.75/lb and Pork Trotters for $0.50/lb!

Never give up trying to find new suppliers and better deals. If you have friends or family who can keep an eye out for you during their grocery shopping–even better! Sometimes stores will be clearing out meat that is easily kept in the freezer for the pups until prep day. How do you keep your pup’s chompers pearly white for #tot?

2 thoughts on “#TOT”

  • I’ve always had amazing luck with my older dog Benji beautiful white teeth since we adopted him at 1 and he’s about 10 now. I’ve always assumed since he’s not on a raw diet (we’ve tried some raw food but it hasn’t agreed with him so far) that this is due to his constant chewing. I’ve honestly never met a dog his age with teeth as perfect as his, Theo on the other hand is probably going down the raw route once he’s a bit older.

  • This is the BEST tag!!! I think Im going to have to see if i can start getting some of Mocha. We havent switched to raw completely, but shes been having raw bones, which has already drastically improved her teeth!!