This Season

This Season

Since we all experience the seasons differently depending on where we live, I thought it might be fun to share a few of the things we’re looking forward to in our little neck of the woods! We live in an extremely rural part of California (with our town’s population being less than 1,000 people), so we have a lot of fun options in our agriculture-centered area. What are a few things you’re looking forward to this season?

Flannels, flannels, flannels.
I have always been a flannel girl, which is probably why I get so excited when the temperatures start dropping. My favorite affordable flannels by far have been from Old Navy. We’ve even been amazed by the quality of the ones we’ve bought for Alex and they’re honestly my favorite out of all his other flannels. Now that we’ve been introduced to brands like Oliver & Me and Hoot & Co, we’re so excited our pups can be outfitted in flannel too. Did I mention I love flannel?

Pumpkin picking at the patch.
We have quite a few recipes up our sleeve to release this season, which means pumpkins! I’ve never been to a pumpkin patch before (as we don’t celebrate Halloween), but since we now have our own house and love Fall decor, it seems fitting for our first family trip to the patch. It will also provide a great opportunity to work on Nihmh’s public access training in a new environment. Plus, how adorable are family photoshoots at pumpkin patches?

Setting up camp in the mountains.
Don’t spread this around, but Alex and I have only camped together once. Between our perpetually tight financial situation to my inconsistent health, it’s been difficult for us to adventure together. Being outdoors is our absolute favorite thing in life, so we’re hoping to make some plans to go camping this season, especially since we now have Nihmh and Khoena! Our last camping trip was in Big Sur and was truly gorgeous, but we would love suggestions of your favorite camping spots in California!

A-maze-ing memories in the corn fields.
One of our growing family traditions is finding our way through the county’s corn maze. Our last trip through was quite eventful as I was clocked in the head by an incredibly large ear of corn. Perhaps that’s the reason for my worsening memory issues, but I digress. What were we talking about? Similar with the pumpkin patch, I’m excited to see how Nihmh braves the corn maze. We haven’t done much public access training at night, so I’m looking forward to this opportunity. Hopefully without the flying corn this time!

4 thoughts on “This Season”

  • We are looking forward to Engagement photos, Moving and enjoying life in our new state and county! I also love flannels and pumpkin patches are the best!

  • I love fall too! The colors, The scarves, the hats and the BOOTS!!! UGH! I can’t wait till it gets even cooler! ♡ I love reading your blog! I get this warm fuzzy feeling and the first image that pops into my head when I think of you and Nihmh is a giant wheat field with a warm sun. You both emit this aura that I adore. This country, down to earth warmth. I love it ♡ Don’t change ♡

    • Aww, you are such a sweetheart, Clarizza! I wish I could express just how much your loyal support has meant to me this past year. You have become such a wonderful friend and I’m so excited for our future adventures together!