The First Year

The First Year

While we don’t celebrate, the first year with dogs is usually one of the most special milestones. It’s no secret this year has been one of the most difficult for me personally and I am so grateful to have found my perfect little partner to help me through the days, the weeks and the months. Nihmh and I have grown close to one another in the eight months we’ve been together and in that time, she’s taught me several invaluable lessons.

Because of Nihmh, I’ve been able to make some wonderful connections–both online and offline–in ways I’m not sure I would have otherwise. I am most thankful for her nurturing spirit which constantly checks in with me throughout the day. She knows when I’m struggling and when I need the extra help, whether it be the simple gesture of extending a paw or alerting me to dangerous health changes. It never ceases to amaze me the abilities dogs have to help us humans… and honestly, I still look at this gorgeous little dog and wonder what I ever did to deserve her love and attention.

Nihmh’s also helped me to remember the important things. She’s reminded me to unplug and find inner peace instead of looking for an escape elsewhere. She’s helped me to remember it’s important for us to have one-on-one time even though I’m a dog-mom to three other pups as well. She’s, quite forcefully at times, reminded me to take the time to step away from life’s daily stresses, even if just for a moment. She’s reminded me that we all have our imperfections, but they do not have to define us. She’s also shown me what true joy living in the moment can give you and for that I am extremely thankful.

This time last year, I could have never imagined this would be my life. I’m so grateful my original plans for a Service Dog prospect fell through and allowed me to meet such an incredible little soul. Our journey hasn’t been perfect. The challenges we’ve experienced with Nihmh’s timidness has been far from perfect. But if I’ve learned anything this first year, it’s that we are truly perfect for each other.

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