The First Heat

The First Heat

It’s official! Nihmh has started her first heat and is one step closer to fulfilling one of her most important purposes in continuing her Miniature American Shepherd lineage. Although a few select people know, we were waiting for Nihmh’s first official heat to announce that Nihmh is currently part of the Changala Aussies breeding program and will be delivering two litters in the future. Not only does Nihmh comes from Grand Champion lineage, but her natural inclination for medical alerting is an extremely special trait.

While it is certainly a bittersweet journey since Nihmh’s time with me will be divided while she raises her own puppies, it is also extremely close to my heart as I would love nothing more than to continue lines that have the potential to succeed as Service Dogs for disabled people in need, like myself. If you’ve been following our journey for a time, you know how in tune Nihmh is with my own health. She has even helped us get on track with a new diagnosis, which we are incredibly thankful for.

It’s also warmed my heart to think about Nihmh becoming a mama as she adores mothering our other dogs, cleaning their eyes and their ears. It gives me a glimpse into the future of what she will be like with her puppies and I know it will be so fulfilling for her. I am truly thankful to have this opportunity to be by Nihmh’s side throughout this process and I am so excited for the puppies’ potential. For now, Nihmh’s staying close to home during her first heat while plans are made for her first breeding during her next heat.

Although we are advocates of rescuing homeless dogs (as we have three rescues of our own!), we do also support responsible breeding with the purpose of improving certain breeds and preserving specific lines. In addition, it is also personally important to me to continue lines that are predisposed for Service Dog work. If you are looking for a loyal, dedicated partner to suit your needs, please visit Changala Aussies to learn more about their incredible dogs.

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