The Call of The Wild

The Call of The Wild

If you’ve been following our stories on Instagram, then you have likely been anticipating the launch of our all new Book Club! We took a vote between The Call of The Wild and White Fang, but the results were pretty evenly split! We decided on The Call of The Wild as it is the shorter book and will allow us to get in the groove with this new club before diving into a larger novel. We’re just as excited as many of you have told us you are and can’t wait to get started! Our first interactive discussion will begin on November 17th and will continue on Fridays thereafter. This will allow sufficient time for each reader interested in joining us to pick-up their own copy.

Each week we will schedule a number of chapters to be read ahead of time and will ask a series of questions open for discussion amongst our readers for the prior week’s chapters. Our purpose for starting this adventure and/or dog related book club is to encourage our readers to unplug, find a quiet space with your companion (such as a relaxing hammock or a cozy chair by the fire) and let your imagination run wild. That’s not all, though! We are also beginning a point system to reward our readers for their participation! Here are a few ways you can earn points in our book club:

· 50 points for participating in our first book.
· 25 points for participating in future books.
· 10 points for every viewpoint question featured in our weekly post (submitted via email).
· 5 points for every comment and/or reply on Book Club posts.

Points will be redeemable for rewards (to be announced). The reader with the most points at the completion of the book will receive a gift box related to the title read. This special reward is open to all international readers as a thank you for being an important part of the NIHMH family. Points will not expire, so please do not feel obligated to participate in each book selected.

We hope you all are as excited about our new book club as we are! We’ve linked multiple copies of The Call of The Wild below for you to purchase if you do not already have your own copy. Purchases through this link will help fund the prizes selected for the Gift Box and any future redeemable prizes. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for continuing to support NIHMH. We’ve grown fond of so many of you and can’t wait to dive into this book!

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