The Call of the Wild · Week VI

The Call of the Wild · Week VI

That’s a wrap! We’ve officially finished reading The Call of The Wild, the first featured book in our Book Club! While we had fun organizing this book club, it seemed like it was difficult for many of us to keep up with a weekly reading schedule. In the future, we’d love to resume the book club by reading White Fang–perhaps at a more easy going pace! We hope you’ll join us on our mission to unplug from technology more often for our next book.

Also, I realized after the fact that I got ahead of myself and posted questions prepared for the final week during our last Book Club post. Thankfully we had a few fantastic submissions from one of our readers, so without further ado, here are our final discussion questions.

Discussion Questions
· Did you feel the end of the book was predictable?
· Do you think that Buck following the call of the wild was inevitable?
· Do you feel that Buck’s actions against the Yeehats were fair or justifiable?
· What are your final closing thoughts for this book? 

Don’t forget, this is the final week to participate in submitting your answers to qualify for the end-of-book Gift Box! The winner will be announced during our next and final Book Club post for The Call of The Wild and will receive goodies pertaining to the book. We’ll also be logging points that will count towards future Book Club rewards. Thank you again for participating in our first book!

1 thought on “The Call of the Wild · Week VI”

  • While I did believe that Buck would end up following the Call of the Wild, I definitely did not think the story would end how it did. I believed Thornton would die somehow (maybe old age, or in an accident), but I never expected the whole team to be massacred, nor did I expect the Yeehats to be slaughtered later on.

    I do feel that Buck following the call was inevitable after Thornton’s passing. That was his only tie to civilization, and with it gone, he was free to roam the wilderness again, once and for all.

    Personally, I don’t believe that Buck’s actions were justifiable. I believe that two wrongs don’t make a right, and Buck killing the Yeehats did nothing but cause more fear and harm to others. I understand that he would be deeply hurt, and I even understand that he may want to seek revenge, but killing so many people likely caused even twice as much heartache for the Yeehats.

    My final thoughts are that Buck was a very complex individual, who had a very unique situation. It was interesting to see Buck evolve as the story went by, and I’m glad I read the book. Thank you for setting this book club up & for giving us the opportunity to partake in it!