The Call of the Wild · Week V

The Call of the Wild · Week V

It’s our final week of reading The Call of The Wild, can you believe it!? We’re so close to announcing the winner of our end-of-book Gift Box! Be sure to return to the past discussion posts so that you can earn points for your chance to win. Let’s make the end of this first book one to remember!

Discussion Questions
· What is the call of the wild?
· How have your feelings towards Buck evolved throughout the book?
· After finishing the novel, do you feel that every dog would be happier living in the wild?
· What will you take away most from your reading of The Call of The Wild?

Reading Schedule
Chapter 7. The Sounding of the Call

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1 thought on “The Call of the Wild · Week V”

  • The call of the wild is the call Buck feels to leave his human, whom he loves dearly, and venture back into the forest, into the wilderness in which he was once so familiar with. Throughout this book I have felt many different feeling towards Buck and his actions. At first I felt pity over his capture and beatings. As his attitude changed, I felt something akin to anger, or disappointment over his greed for power, which led to him killing his own team member who taught him to survive the life that was forced you him. Yet still, as he was beaten and brought within an inch of his life, I felt sad over his fate, and then, as he was saved, I felt happy that he had survived, that his fate had changed to be one where he turned from the harshness of the wild, and finally felt the love of human companionship.

    I haven’t finished the book, still having chapter seven left, but personally I believe it depends on the dog! Not all are equipped to live in the wild, though as with Buck, many could probably be conditioned to live in it, and may even thrive and learn to love it. Many, however, have evolved so much as companions, that living in the wild would be difficult, and maybe impossible. Like the dogs who joined the team later and had come from pet homes themselves failed to thrive in the wild, many pets today would also face the same fate.

    This book is a great book, and I think a lot can be taken from it. It’s amazing to see Buck’s character change so much, and I think it goes to show everyone just how much being pushed and beaten can do to a being. And yet, it also shows just how important live and care is in mending a broken spirit.

    I loved reading this book, and am excited it finish it. Thank you for hosting this book club, and for giving everyone the opportunity to read an old classic that otherwise we may have never even picked up to read <3