The Call of The Wild · Week III

The Call of The Wild · Week III

We’ve already made it through the second week of our Book Club and are now more than halfway through The Call of The Wild! While it’s been difficult to keep up with the current schedule, it’s been nice to delve back into reading after so many years. Since I’ve spoken to quite a few of you that feel the same way, we’ve decided to finish the remainder of the book chapter by chapter–especially since many are becoming increasingly busy during the holiday season. Here are this week’s discussion questions along with next week’s reading schedule!

Discussion Questions
· Was the outcome of the fight between Buck and Spitz unexpected or inevitable?
· As Buck’s character evolves, what new characteristics is he now displaying?
· Is there a different character you now identify or connect with?
· What do you think the main conflict of the story is?

Reading Schedule
Chapter 5. The Toil of Trace and Trail

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1 thought on “The Call of The Wild · Week III”

  • With how Buck’s character progressed, a fight between him and Buck seemed inevitable, in my opinion. He had grown confident once more, and no longer wishes to follow, but wishes to lead and be King once more like he was at the ranch. Though it’s good that he has overcome his beatings(though trauma from them still lingers), his overconfidence and need to be the first, the best, is dangerous to his team. He makes rash decisions and rebels against authority, and even kills a member of his team just to further himself. He is no longer a character that I could identify with, but in a way I guess I can understand how his character has developed to some degree. After being pushed so far by the man with the club, and after being reprimanded so much when he was learning, always having to follow, he wants to push back twice as hard, wants to become superior again and bully others how he once was. I’m still unsure of what the conflict of this story may be, aside from Buck’s journey, but maybe that will become more clear in the second half of the book.