Quick Questions

In light of recent events with one of our horses, we’re dedicating this week’s Quick Questions all to ranch life! I’ve been a cowgirl ever since I was little and always dreamt of having my own horse. Now, twenty-some years later, my family and I live on a five acre ranch with multiple horses, dogs and chickens. Despite my limiting health conditions, I’m so grateful to live in such a peaceful place and hope to one day be able to enjoy it to the fullest.¬†If you have a question you would like to see answered on the blog, please email […]

Home On The Ranch

What started out as a serene “day in the life” photoshoot this morning quickly turned into a wild goose chase after my favorite rooster. Nihmh became a bit enthusiastic with her job and herded our rooster onto the roof of the coop, all while I was trying to hold onto Khoena and my favorite hen so we wouldn’t have two chickens on the loose. After I put three of the dogs up, Norah and I went to track down our rooster and shoo him back home.¬†Thirty minutes later, after multiple laps around the stable, crossing fence-lines and getting scratched up […]