Golden Nectar

We have been most excited to share with you our experience using Pet Releaf‘s Hemp Oil 1000 for our dogs’ various needs. We wanted to be sure to thoroughly give it a run on multiple occasions and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results! When we first learned about Pet Releaf, we were looking for tools to help Nihmh’s timidness during her Public Access outings. It was easy for her to become overwhelmed and we could see her almost stuck inside of her own mind. After speaking to a fellow Instagrammer who used Pet Releaf’s oil for her dog’s […]

Over The Weekend

This weekend was packed with exciting training opportunities both here in town and down in the Los Angeles area. We spent Saturday afternoon close to home training Nihmh and Khoena at our local PetSmart and we are so proud of how far our girls have come in their training. As common with most young dogs, there are still challenges we need to continue to tackle, such as exposure to large crowds and loud noises. Since we live in a rural area that does not quite have the hustle and bustle of city life, we planned a Sunday trip down to […]