Over The Weekend

After many weeks of being mostly housebound due to my health and other circumstances, we made definitive plans to explore Three Rivers, a somewhat local mountain town about an hour and a half away. Three Rivers is a quaint town that attracts many tourists, especially this time of the year, as it is on the way to the Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park. Unfortunately, we were racing the clock as we had to get back before sunset to care for a local neighbor’s horses, but we will definitely be making a second trip specifically for photos! After we grabbed […]

All About Norah

In honor of National Adopt A Dog Month, we’ve decided to share a little bit about each of our adopted dogs each week. Our three rescues light up our lives in different ways and we’re so thankful we chose to open our hearts and homes to them. They’re the perfect reminders that no one is perfect–but it doesn’t make you any less of an important piece to the puzzle. We’re all unique in our own individual ways; we’re all crucial pieces to this puzzle we call life. Norah is the little alpha in our pack. Despite being only nine pounds, […]

National Adopt A Dog Month

We are so excited to be dedicating multiple articles this month to raising awareness of adoptable dogs, brands that give back to homeless dogs and many different adoption experiences. Adoption is something that is close to our heart as Norah (pictured), Jones and Khoena are all rescues. We certainly have had our challenges and complications with each: chronic health issues with Norah, separation anxiety due to Jones’ previous homes (we were his fourth by the time he was only three months old) and working with Khoena, a large-breed puppy whose father was predisposed to aggression, in an effort to help […]