Over The Weekend


We had so much fun attending our first Gymkhana over the weekend to cheer on Jamie, Nihmh’s breeder! I had been to horse events in the past, but had never been to a Western Gymkhana before, so it was exciting to learn about a new sport and imagine ourselves running out there on our own horses eventually. Now that we’re officially treating my Valley Fever, we have high hopes that I’ll be able to get out there with the horses more often. I’ve been making more of an effort to spend time with my horses, especially my most recently adopted […]

Bearytail Leather Co.

When you fall in love, the desire to continue looking elsewhere ceases all together. We first found Bearytail Leather Co. in early 2017 and were immediately stunned by the beauty and high quality of their handcrafted products. Amanda Mei, founder and #girlboss of Bearytail Leather Co., is one of the most kind-hearted, genuine people we’ve ever met. Unlike many of her competitors, Amanda truly loves leather-working and is an open-book when it comes to helping others develop their own love of the art. She has also spent countless hours documenting her thorough process from start to finish—often upwards of 6 […]

New Year

While we don’t participate in the festivities surrounding the new year, there’s always a buzz of excitement for starting fresh. A chapter ends and a new one begins—mostly in regards to business ventures. Here are a few short-term and long-term goals we hope to achieve or set out on the path of achieving this year. SHORT-TERM Seize the day. Read the bible daily. Develop a signature style. Unplug from the electronic world. Take more time for meditation and prayer. LONG-TERM Embrace spontaneity. Become more grounded. Reduce our carbon footprint. Find the beauty in minimalistic living. Cherish the blessings we’ve already […]

Farewell 2017

It’s hard to imagine 2017 is coming to a close. As we get older, it has seemed that time has begun to speed up as well. It makes us cherish the special moments all the more so, because moments are fleeting but memories are forever. This year, both Nihmh and Khoena came into our lives and we’re so thankful to have these unique girls around each and every day. We’ve also had incredible opportunities working with brands like Chewy, Petco and Pet Releaf. But best of all, we’ve made countless new friends who have stood by, supported us and helped […]

The First Heat

It’s official! Nihmh has started her first heat and is one step closer to fulfilling one of her most important purposes in continuing her Miniature American Shepherd lineage. Although a few select people know, we were waiting for Nihmh’s first official heat to announce that Nihmh is currently part of the Changala Aussies breeding program and will be delivering two litters in the future. Not only does Nihmh comes from Grand Champion lineage, but her natural inclination for medical alerting is an extremely special trait. While it is certainly a bittersweet journey since Nihmh’s time with me will be divided […]