When it comes to training treats, our go-to has been Zuke’s selection of soft bites which are easily broken up into smaller pieces for longer training sessions. Not only do we love Zuke’s more sophisticated re-branding, but we recently learned of their new Superfood Blend treats and had to try them out! As part of our monthly Chewy boxes, we chose to receive two different flavors–Great Greens and Bold Berries.

We may be biased vegans, but these are quite possibly the yummiest smelling treats we’ve ever had! By the look on Nihmh’s face, we think she agrees they’re pretty tasty, too. We’re even loving the adorable new “Z” shape of the treats! There’s also a third, Vibrant Veggies, flavor that we’ll be ordering soon since the other two flavors were such a hit with our dogs. What are your favorite Zuke’s treats?

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