Espana SILK

About Our Partner

Espana SILK was founded in an effort to provide the grooming industry with a line of natural products that would be both safe and effective for people and their animals. Despite the different labels catering to the human, horse and dog communities, Espana SILK’s proprietary blend remains the same and each bottle can be used for people, horses, dogs and even cats and reptiles! Gone are the days of having separate products for each of our family members (furry or otherwise!). Another incredible benefit of Espana SILK’s amazing products is the variety of uses, such as their All Natural Protein Conditioner which can be used as hair conditioner, body lotion or even shaving cream! When you use Espana SILK, the possibilities are endless and you can rest assured you’re giving your family the very best.

Our Personal Experience

We feel blessed to have been introduced to Espana SILK in 2017 when we were searching for a natural alternative to the products we were using for our dogs and horses. Imagine our surprise when we learned that each of their products could not only be used for BOTH our dogs and horses, but even us, too! As we researched more about their products (and the negative impacts regular products filled with chemicals had on our health), we knew hands down we would be switching out as many household products we could to Espana SILK. We absolutely love our new grooming products and can’t believe how soft, healthy and shiny our entire family’s hair and fur is! We also can’t get enough of the All Natural Revitalizing Sprays which freshen up the pups in a pinch and are a safe alternative to perfume and cologne for us! Give Espana SILK a try–we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Shop Our Partner

You can shop Espana SILK’s entire line of products online or through one of their authorized distributors. To locate a distributor near you, enter your zip code on the Locations page on their website. For additional assistance, please contact Espana SILK directly and they will further assist you with your request.