Shepherds of Instagram

Shepherds of Instagram

Southampton, England

Talk about one stunning Shepherd. Although Lupin was one of twelve puppies in his litter, he was the only pure black puppy. Naturally, this gorgeous boy served as the perfect muse for his girl who has grown leaps and bounds as a photographer and editor since she brought him home. These two are attached at the hip, going anywhere and everywhere together they possibly can, choosing only destinations where they can be together. At only eleven months old, Lupin has already proven to be a lifesaver to his girl, motivating her to keep her job, care for herself, stay fit and eat well. He’s not only an inspiration to his girl, but to many in the dog community. If we’ve learned anything from these beautiful Shepherds, it’s that their bonds are amongst the strongest and most notorious.

Los Angeles, California

Despite his devilish good looks, Oso is a complete goofball at heart. He loves nothing more than a ball on a string which combines his love of tug and fetch–some would argue it’s the best of both worlds! This dedicated boy is currently training in IPO and Schutzhund and recently earned his BH, a prerequisite qualification for IPO titles. He is also an Emotional Support Animal for his girl and has even flown to Sacramento like a true champ. Although Oso is an only-dog, he still has to share his girl with his feline brother, Bowie. We personally love this guy’s endless expressions and wild (airborne!) shots!

New Brunswick, Canada

All it takes is one look at Lucas to know he’s one of the most photogenic Shepherds out there. He came into his family later in life, but the bond he shares with his people is undeniable. While Lucas has endless energy and is always up for adventure, he knows how to settle down and cuddle for hours on end. He’ll also do anything he can to be at eye level with you, whether it’s paws up on the counters, chairs, or couch. Although this handsome boy loves to carry on conversation, he surprisingly does not bark often. Lucas is a truly special Shepherd who is near and dear to his loved ones’ hearts. As you keep up with Lucas on social media, you’ll be sure to fall in love with him just as much.

Los Angeles, California

Akira and her mom are some of our closest friends and we absolutely adore these two girls. We first met Akira at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica and since then have even had her family out to our ranch! She’s been her mom’s number one sidekick since she first came home at eight weeks old. Since then, Akira has become a dedicated and successful Search and Rescue dog. We love watching her training sessions on social media. This girl loves off-leash hiking so she can get her stick fix on trails, but her favorite toy is hands-down her Chuckit ball. Even though Akira’s not a fan of strangers, she’s one hundred percent dedicated to her loved ones and has a heart of gold.