Qwerkin’ It

Qwerkin’ It

We were introduced to Pet Qwerks earlier this year and absolutely fell in love with their ingenious line of dog toys and chews. Their collection caters to personalities of all sorts–from heavy chewers to curious minds, there’s an option for everyone! We have loved watching Pet Qwerks’ line of toys expand and we can’t wait to see what else is in store.

Our personal favorites have to be the crinkle, squeaky Doggone Times and the Mint BarkBone. The newspaper is absolutely adorable and made of heavy, durable canvas material. We have loved using the newspaper as a retrieval training aid (partially because we don’t want this adorable toy to go through the wringer with our pups)! The BarkBone is the newest available chew, equipped with little holes to fill with your pup’s favorite spread (such as peanut butter!) for an extra treat. Our dogs have tried a TON of nylon chews, but NONE have been as popular as these BarkBones. They get so much chew time out of these bones that we’ve had to replace them within weeks!

The Squeaky Emoji and the X-Tire Ball are two of our pups’ favorites… most likely in part due to their noise level. In the beginning, Nihmh was a bit unsure of the many unfamiliar sounds (such as a roaring large cat) coming from the X-Tire Ball, which provided us the opportunity to work on building confidence. She now absolutely loves having the power to make the ball sound off all on her own and I cannot recommend this enough to new puppy owners for socialization training. We will loyally continue replacing our well-loved toys for years to come.

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This post was brought to you in partnership with Pet Qwerks.

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