Quick Questions

Quick Questions

In light of recent events with one of our horses, we’re dedicating this week’s Quick Questions all to ranch life! I’ve been a cowgirl ever since I was little and always dreamt of having my own horse. Now, twenty-some years later, my family and I live on a five acre ranch with multiple horses, dogs and chickens. Despite my limiting health conditions, I’m so grateful to live in such a peaceful place and hope to one day be able to enjoy it to the fullest. If you have a question you would like to see answered on the blog, please email us at nihmh@nihmh.com!

What ranch animals do you currently have?
We currently have six horses, seven chickens, four guinea hens and two roosters here at the ranch! One of the horses is with us to receive training as she matures. We’re hoping to start her under saddle soon so she can return to her local home where she’ll be sure to have many adventures here in the Sequoia National Forest! We love our chickens and it was great having fresh eggs to add to the dogs’ raw diets over the summer. Their egg production has slowed as we’ve entered the cooler seasons, but we’re hoping we’ll have a few baby chicks this coming Spring!

Would you ever add any more animals to the ranch?
We do have one more BLM Mustang that will be coming to the ranch before the end of the year. Her name is Sapphire and she came from the Devils Garden HMA in California. She is my mother’s first horse and the trainer she is currently with boasts of her solidness. We can’t wait to add her to our herd–she’s a gorgeous red roan with blue undertones! We have also discussed adding goats or miniature cows to help cut down on the tall grasses in areas where it’s difficult for the horses to reach.

What are your plans for the ranch?
We are currently planning for a remodel of our small house, including an expansion to give us a bit more space than we’re currently working with. We would love to remodel our two stall stable and convert the tack room into an office space as our businesses grow so that we have a place removed from our home and keep those two parts of our lives separate. We’re also planning on developing an area for dogs as our dog boarding/daycare picks up and since we would love to invite guests with their dogs to visit the ranch! The final area is landscaping–especially since we would love to have different “locations” for our photoshoots right outside our door. Owning a ranch is an ever-changing adventure and we can’t wait to share more with you as we tackle our projects.

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