Quick Questions

Quick Questions

We had a blast during National Adopt A Dog Month, but we’re excited to get back to our regular schedule. Every other week, we’ll be answering a few Quick Questions to help our readers get to know us a little bit better. This week, we’re talking all about travel! If you have a question you would like to see answered on the blog, please email us at nihmh@nihmh.com!

Where would you like to travel?
The past couple of years we’ve talked about traveling to Canada. Much in part to Heartland for sparking our love for the stunning landscapes, but also due to the wonderful friendships we’ve made through our journey. We’re hoping to plan a visit for mid to late 2018 and can’t wait to meet up with our new friends in the gorgeous sceneries Canada has to offer. We would also love to visit the JW Headquarters in New York and eventually attend the Iditarod in Alaska (a childhood dream of mine).

Do you plan to travel internationally with Nihmh?
We would absolutely LOVE to travel internationally with Nihmh! I have yet to travel outside of the country and having my Service Dog alongside me in a foreign land would most definitely be helpful. It’s incredibly stressful to have unpredictable health here in my own hometown, let alone thousands of miles from home. That being said, there’s often a lot of red tape when it comes to traveling internationally with dogs (regardless of them being Service Dogs). The two international lands we’re hoping to visit with Nihmh are Canada (with @wandering.nova) and Columbia (with @akira_gc_training).

What are your travel essentials for traveling with dogs?
When it comes to traveling with dogs, it’s extremely helpful to have the proper gear and tools. Our longest trip we’ve taken with our dogs has been a five-day trip to Colorado (and a fourteen hour road trip one way)! It’s important to plan ahead for your dogs’ food, especially if they’re on a raw diet. Even if you plan to purchase fresh meat at your destination, it’s a good idea to also have back-up food such as freeze-dried or dehydrated raw. It’s important to travel with a first-aid kit (specifically for our canine friends, if possible), plenty of water, a portable bowl and your dog’s favorite toy or durable chew. Always triple-check to make sure your dog’s microchip information and dog tags are up-to-date with your contact information, should you become separated during your trip. Don’t forget treats for rewarding good travel behavior and consider bringing their bed or a familiar blanket to help them feel a little bit more “at home.” Traveling with your dog is a privilege and can make for the most special memories!