Quick Questions

Quick Questions

We’re sharing our thoughts and feelings on adoption in honor of Adopt A Dog month! We have rescued multiple dogs from terrible situations, networking to get them into rescues so they can find forever home. In our journey of rescuing, we have also opened our own home to three of our rescues and we couldn’t imagine life without them. If you have a question you would like to see answered on the blog, please email us at nihmh@nihmh.com!

How do you feel about the #adoptdontshop movement?
While we understand why people are moved to join the #adoptdontshop movement, we do not personally align with this mission as we feel the preservation of our current breeds is incredibly important through ethical, responsible and respectable breeding. We do, however, want to encourage #adoptbeforeyoushop. As we mentioned in our first article this month, we believe that everyone’s circumstances are unique and not everyone is prepared for the challenges adopting may present or they may have specific needs that must be met (such as finding a prospect for Service Dog work). We would genuinely love to see people begin considering adoption at the beginning of their search for any new dog, even if they are interested in finding a puppy through a breeder. We would never want to encourage anyone to make a decision to adopt if it were not in the best interest of their family and the dog. After all, we want to see dogs placed in forever homes and not returned because of unfit circumstances.

What factors do you feel are important to consider when adopting?
When adopting a new dog or puppy, it’s incredibly important to consider the dog’s potential background, full-grown size (it’s better to over-guesstimate) and special needs, such as energy or socialization. If there are children in your life at all (whether your own, your friends or your extended family), please take into consideration these little lives when welcoming a new dog into your home. If you choose a dog before understanding their feelings towards children, you may be forced to choose between the two in the long run. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that you’re choosing a dog that fits your lifestyle, not necessarily your favorite “look.” It’s become more and more popular to choose a breed of dog simply because… it’s a popular breed. What many owners quickly learn as the puppy grows is that the dog’s needs and their abilities do not mesh well and soon the dog is at risk of being homeless. Another important factor we feel should be considered is the feelings and well-being of the dog. At the end of the day, the owner has the final say in the dog’s future. It is loving and self-sacrificing to consider the dog first-and-foremost. Puppies are extremely cute, but it would be heartbreaking to be the cause for its suffering in the future due to lack of research, preparation and honesty of one’s self.

What reasons would move you to adopt again in the future?
It’s one of the greatest challenges for us when we see a dog in need of a home. Our hearts are always open, but our financial, health and living situations have always been unpredictable. Our current dream of becoming #vanlifers does not quite allow for us to expand our family in the near future. That being said, we’ve always been great justifiers and should a teeny tiny find its way into our hearts, I’m sure we wouldn’t be able to say no–after all, they’re the cheapest to feed on a raw diet! We love how unique our rescues are and it makes us happy to know that we’re able to give them one of the best lives, full of love, rather than them having an uncertain future. If the circumstances were perfect, we would adopt in a heartbeat time after time.

4 thoughts on “Quick Questions”

  • The struggle of wanting to expand your fur-family, but knowing you probably shouldnt at the time!! lol 😛 I know it allll to well! <3

  • Definitely agree with this! Adopting Darcy was the best decision i’ve ever made and i believe everyone should consider adoption when getting a new dog (aside from SD prospects), but the choice is ultimately up to each person. What i think we should push for is ending all kill shelters and giving shelter pups the best life possible while they are waiting for their forever home.

  • This is definitely something we agree on. Well bred dogs so have a purpose and when done properly I find no harm in it! That being said if people are looking for a new family member and aren’t looking for a specific breed for a specific reason I whole heartedly believe they should consider looking at the shelters first! I myself may never buy from a breeder or at least not in the near future but I can understand why people do and I can’t find fault in that as long as they are responsible about it!

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and spreading this awareness. I will definitely adopt one of my next pets as I have a baby, dog and a hamster. It breaks my heart when one act like this can save so many lives. I would leave with all the animals on an ark if I have to!