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Pet Releaf

One of our challenges with Nihmh’s public access training has been her timidness. Often times her brain runs much faster than she can properly process certain situations, which sometimes increases her fear and causes anxiety. Due to my disabilities often keeping me housebound, our training in this area has been much slower paced than is ideal. Upon learning about Pet Releaf’s line of products and the incredible results our fellow Instagrammers were having with their own dogs, we knew we had to give them a shot. We’re so excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Pet Releaf to not only use their products, but share our experiences with our followers and readers in the hopes of helping more pets around the world find a bit of inner peace.

For the month of November, we chose the Carob Coconut Edibites (partially because those are two of my favorite ingredients)! On the first day, we noticed quite a difference–even though we spent the day at home! Nihmh was a lot more easy going and not quite so stressed out when it came to monitoring me and alerting me. The concern was still there and she carried out her job flawlessly, but the adamant persistence after I acknowledged her alerts was not there. Instead, I had a calm pup that loyally stayed close by, ready to offer assistance as needed.

The most exciting results were when we began using these treats during public access. We gave Nihmh one treat at a time, allowing a slow build up until we had given her three treats. While Nihmh was still on high alert, her reactiveness was much less and I could tell she was processing her surroundings much better. If we’re getting these results with the Edibites alone, I can only imagine the incredible results when we try out their Hemp Oil!

This post was brought to you in partnership with Pet Releaf.

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