One of our favorite weekly hashtags on social media was #tongueouttuesday until we came across a few Shepherds showing off their massive jaws for #teethouttuesday. I had to laugh the first time I searched for photos of Nihmh showing off her pearly whites because she has the most innocent toothy smile where only her bottom teeth are showing. It’s hardly intimidating, but it’s definitely one of the most endearing things about her. Earlier today, I came across this gem which shows one of the most incredible benefits to feeding raw–pure white teeth! After having fed dogs kibble my entire life, […]

Motivational Monday

Dream. Believe. Achieve. This past year, I’ve taken hold to these words to define what I live by each and every day. Regardless of our abilities (or disabilities), we all have the opportunity each and every day to do at least one of these things… sometimes even all three! These three little words have helped me to not lose hope; to not get discouraged on the days I feel there’s been little accomplishment. Instead, at any given moment, we can still make progress, which is essentially our journey in life. What are your dreams? Believe in them with all your heart. […]

The Call of The Wild · Week III

We’ve already made it through the second week of our Book Club and are now more than halfway through the The Call of The Wild! While it’s been difficult to keep up with the current schedule, it’s been nice to delve back into reading after so many years. Since I’ve spoken to quite a few of you that feel the same way, we’ve decided to finish the remainder of the book chapter by chapter–especially since many are becoming increasingly busy during the holiday season. Here are this week’s discussion questions along with next week’s reading schedule! Discussion Questions · Was the outcome […]

As The Green Grass Grows

We are SO excited that the grass is returning to the ranch! When we first found our property back in January, we fell in love with the lush hills and green pastures. Summertime here seems to zap all life and our surroundings quickly grow brown. As the temperatures begin to cool with the arrival of Fall, the moss on the boulders starts to grow and as the dew thickens in the early mornings, little blades of grass begin to sprout from the previously parched ground. While I don’t particularly have a favorite season, I do have a favorite environment. I […]

The First Year

While we don’t celebrate, the first year with dogs is usually one of the most special milestones. It’s no secret this year has been one of the most difficult for me personally and I am so grateful to have found my perfect little partner to help me through the days, the weeks and the months. Nihmh and I have grown close to one another in the eight months we’ve been together and in that time, she’s taught me several invaluable lessons. Because of Nihmh, I’ve been able to make some wonderful connections–both online and offline–in ways I’m not sure I […]