Over The Weekend

Over The Weekend

Monday!? This weekend absolutely flew by and I feel like I haven’t had a moment to catch my breath. We attended an all-day event two hours from home on Saturday, leaving early in the morning and not returning until late in the evening. On Sunday, we did some deep cleaning preparing for our remodel consultation and prepped over a week’s worth of raw meals for each of the dogs, which took most of the day. We still even have a 28lb pork leg waiting to be broken down and stored for our next prep day!

Last week, I connected with some of my favorite photographers on Instagram and received some kind, helpful suggestions that I wanted to put into practice this weekend. I attempted to do so towards the end of the week, but became discouraged as I had been racing the dwindling light and was not having positive results in the least. After we finished our chores for the day, Alex and I took Nihmh out for a walk on our five acre property to his favorite boulders to shoot some photos for his blog, Roam Man.

I managed to snap a few of photos of Nihmh as the sun was setting and it made me remember why I fell in love with photography in the first place. It wasn’t about competition or being just as good as anyone else… it was about capturing memories and the beauty that lies within them. When I take my special girl out, I want her to know that even when I have a camera covering my face, she’s still my sweet girl that I love so dearly. I never want Nihmh to learn to associate the camera with anything negative.

I feel truly thankful for the connections I’ve made this year through Nihmh and can’t wait to continue building on new-found friendships. There’s no better growth than learning from one another and I only hope I can one day pass along my own experiences to help others, too. For now, I’m continuing to soak up every ounce of creativity, passion and knowledge that I can. Oh, and did I mention we announced our biggest giveaway yet on Instagram yesterday? You might want to check that out–just sayin’.

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