Over The Weekend

Over The Weekend

After an exhausting weekend with a colicking horse and four sick dogs, we decided to take the weekend off to relax and recoup–which didn’t yield many exciting photos, but was much needed nonetheless! Does it ever seem like the weekends fly by more quickly when we have less on the to-do list? Thankfully we were still able to accomplish more housework and prep work for our remodel. I can’t wait to start tearing down walls and reconstructing our floorplan!

Now for some real talk–because it’s always been important to me to be transparent with my readers in the hope that maybe it will help some of you not feel so alone in your challenges. Over the weekend, I parted ways with a friend I had grown extremely close to this summer. Some things began to weigh heavy on my heart and unfortunately the two of us did not see eye to eye. Despite an effort to be honest and work towards a resolution, the sentiments were not mutual and hurtful words were exchanged.

It is so important to me to promote positivity, to make an effort building others up and to encourage one another to be forgiving, always looking for the good in others. It’s difficult for me when the opposite attitude is being promoted and negativity is at the forefront of comments or mindsets. I genuinely want others to feel good about themselves, to be confident in their abilities and to be forgiving even of themselves if they’ve made mistakes.

One of the remarks that hit me hard was the accusation that I was a bully for “excluding” this friend from different Instagram features, promoting only accounts that have a large following or excluding them from a “list of friends.” I want to extend my sincerest apologies if anyone else has felt this same way, as this is completely the opposite of my intentions. Often times, when I am featuring accounts on Instagram I choose a theme such as my favorite photographers, accounts that also feature nature photos or a few kind-hearted people that I’ve connected with. I have never, nor will I ever, do a feature promoting only my friends as I do not agree with favoritism. It’s important to me for people to not feel excluded and for everyone to feel like they have a friend in me.

You are important, you are special and you are loved regardless of your social media presence or status. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you and am so grateful for the love, kindness and support that has been expressed over the past few months. Please never hesitate to reach out to me if something is weighing heavily on your heart–especially if I owe you an apology. Thank you for listening to today’s heavier topic–sometimes we just need to slow down and consider the more important things.