Our Experience With Rescue

Our Experience With Rescue

As we near the end of National Adopt A Dog Month, we figured we would reflect on our personal experience with rescue. This month, you’ve learned a little bit about our three rescues, Norah, Jones and Khoena. We’ve also shared multiple shops who support rescues and shelters by contributing a portion of their profits and sales to these worthwhile organizations. Each Tuesday, we’ve featured an Adoptable Dog that we hope will soon find their forever home. We’re so thankful for the support we’ve received during our second month of blogging, all with the effort to encourage our readers and newfound friends to #consideradoptionfirst.

Each of our rescues have been solo endeavors, meaning we did not go directly through a rescue or shelter. We learned of Norah after a backyard breeder had rehomed the rest of her litter at only six weeks of age. When we found Norah, she was infested with fleas, lethargic and nearly on her way out. Because of the amount of fleas she had on her for who knows how long, both her tongue and gums were white with lack of blood. We spent hours removing fleas from her little two pound body the night we brought her home. The following day this calm, sweet puppy was suddenly a little spitfire, tearing around the house with our other foster dog. It didn’t take long to realize Norah would be a part of our little family for life.

About two months after we rescued Norah, we came across a little three month old Terrier Mix that was on his way to a local kill shelter since his owner’s landlord found out about the puppy and demanded he leave the premises. Instead of allowing Jones to be taken directly to the shelter, we spoke with the owner and let her know that we would take him. We learned he was only three days younger than Norah and the two quickly became fast buds. We also found out that at only three months old, we were already his fourth family. Jones was terrified of bathrooms and children, had severe anxiety and was head shy. We hate to think what this poor little guy went through at such a young age but we’re so thankful he found his way to us where he’ll be loved for the rest of his life.

When we first moved from Los Angeles to the countryside, we stayed with a few friends while we got established in our new area. Not too long after we had moved in, their next door neighbors had a little of twelve Shepherd mix puppies. This was heartbreaking as their adult dogs were not well cared for and we knew the puppies would likely experience the same lack of care. Since their dogs often roamed outside of the property, we began feeding them outside of our gate as their mother was having a difficult time producing milk since she was underweight and hungry herself. We got in touch with the owners when the puppies were nearly six weeks after we heard they were trying to rehome them for free online. We told them that we would network the puppies with rescues so that they would get the proper care and find good homes. We also arranged to have all of their adult dogs spayed and neutered out of our own pocket.

When little Khoena ended up in my husband’s arms–that’s all she wrote! Alex had wanted a Shepherd for years, but given my negative past experiences with them, I was not exactly on board. After becoming invested in this rescue effort and seeing how happy this little puppy made Alex, I decided to give it a go and I am so thankful we did. Raising a Shepherd puppy that had gone through so much in its short life definitely has had its challenges, its ups and its downs. Raising multiple puppies at the same time is also increasingly difficult as the puppies often play off of each other instead of a puppy learning from a seasoned adult.

Our situation is more unique as each of our rescues have been young puppies–two of them much younger than is generally acceptable and/or legal under normal circumstances to separate them from their mother and litter. Despite the extra dedication of training and development, our hearts are so full that we’ve been able to quite literally save three lives. If circumstances allow, it’s been a desire of mine to eventually adopt one senior dog at a time, giving them the life they truly deserved for the remainder of the time they have on this earth. If you have any questions for us, we will be happy to answer them in the comments! Thank you for following our journey and for loving our babies just as much as we do.

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  • I love hearing about the other pups ♡ It makes me very misty eyes to hear how passionately you talk about them and their terrible past. But everything happens for a reason and look at them now. They have their forever family and happily living life ♡ Amen to your big heart and big family ♡