The Raw Truth — Observing The Benefits

The Raw Truth — Observing The Benefits

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing The Raw Truth from our perspective this week! Transitioning our four dogs to a raw diet this year was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for our pack—our only regret is we didn’t know about it earlier! The benefits have far outweighed the extra effort and all of the difficult lessons learned in the beginning. These are the benefits we’ve observed thus far in the four months we’ve been raw feeding. We would love to hear which benefits you’ve observed with your own dogs!

Lean, clean machine.
Our littles, Norah and Jones, are four years old. Given their age and the length of time they were on kibble, we have noticed the biggest change in these two. Gone is the squishiness of kibble pudge. Instead, we can feel how clean their ribs are and it’s certainly noticeable in their figures. We’ve also watched how differently Nihmh and Khoena are developing in comparison to all of our previous dogs that were raised on kibble. Our dogs are lean and have a newfound energy that really warms our hearts and confirms we’ve made the right decision in transitioning to raw.

We shed you not.
All four of our dogs are shedders; two are long-haired and two are more wire-haired. We could never catch a break with the shedding! It has been such a relief to be able to brush our dogs on reasonable schedules while also being able to hug and pet them without looking like we’re trying to fit in with them with our own coat. The dogs’ coats are incredibly healthy with a beautiful shine that could make any beauty queen jealous.

Less stool, less waste.
I have to be honest… this is the one that really prompted us to give raw feeding a go. We recently moved to a five acre ranch where we have a small enclosed yard attached to the house to let the dogs relieve themselves. This year has been the first time we’ve owned big dogs since we’ve been married and let me tell you–I could not believe how many times I was scooping and how many buckets I was filling each week. It felt like a punishment and I needed a solution. Since we’ve switched to raw, we are quite literally stunned at how little waste our dogs are passing now. I think this might just be my favorite benefit yet (selfish, I know).

Pearly whites.
Let’s just say our dogs have teeth that would rival Ross Geller’s in the Friends episode, The One With Ross’ Teeth. Even at just five months old, both Nihmh and Khoena were already starting to develop brown rims on their teeth along their gums, all in part to kibble and processed treats. Now that the dogs are on biologically appropriate diets, complete with raw bones, their teeth have never looked better and are distractingly white.

2 thoughts on “The Raw Truth — Observing The Benefits”

  • The benefits are amazing!!! I have had such a problem with white teeth as I have tried anything and everything and nothing works, from sprays, chews, brushing and they get plaque like crazy! I hope I can make the switch!

    • Yes! Our dogs’ teeth are constantly amazing me. Especially our two littles who had been on kibble for three and a half out of their four years of life! Jones, who had the worst plaque build-up, now even has completely white back teeth. It’s such a relief since we’ve seen dogs have a LOT of dental problems on kibble the older they get.