National Dog Week

National Dog Week

Happy National Dog Week to all of our canine furiends! I am so thankful for the four dogs in our lives who have brightened our days with so much love and laughter. In honor of National Dog Week, I figured I’d write a little something about each of our dogs (in the order we adopted them) and what makes them so special to us. What are you most thankful to your dog(s) for?

Norah was the first rescue I knew I wanted to keep before we even picked her up. She was the result of an irresponsible, accidental litter and was infested with fleas. This little two pound puppy was nearly on her way out—from lethargy to white gums and a white tongue. We spent hours removing over 80 fleas from her little body and I am so thankful we found her when we did. The next morning she was a little spitfire, tearing around the house with our forty pound Shepherd Mix foster. From then on, this little ball of fluff and I became inseparable and she has turned out to be one of the best dogs I’ve ever owned. Since day one, she’s been the Alpha at only nine pounds (can you believe it?)! She’s not afraid to lay down the law with dogs that are six times her size and her attitude is even bigger. She’s an entitled princess that gets away with far more than she should, but she’ll always be my little baby. Norah was also the first dog to begin alerting to my health issues and led me to researching about Service Dogs for my disabilities.

We intercepted Jones when he was just three months old as he was about to be dropped off at the shelter. In his short 12 week life, he had already been passed around to three different families; we were his fourth. When we learned that Norah and Jones were only three days apart, we knew they would be the perfect match for each other. From the moment we brought him home, we knew he would be with us forever. Our little guy is an absolute softie who loves “snuggles!” and napping with us. Both Norah and Jones became adventurers at a young age and these two have no fear or hesitation! In the past month, Jones gave us quite a scare when we had to rush him to the ER—and really solidified just how large of a part he is in our lives, despite only being twelve pounds. I am so thankful for our little love bug day in and day out. With so many BIG female personalities in the home, it’s nice to have a little bear to cuddle with for some downtime.

Khoena was part of our largest rescue effort. She was one of twelve in a litter of puppies who were not being cared for. The adult dogs were not being fed regularly, which meant that her mom was not producing enough milk for all of the puppies. They were infested with worms, fleas and already had skin issues with hair loss from lack of nutrition. Because of the puppies’ starvation, they were eating inedible trash such as plastic and were skinny, while bloated with worms. We networked so that we could place the puppies with rescues across the United States and we paid out of our own pocket to spay/neuter the irresponsible owner’s SIX dogs. Needless to say, little Khoena stole my husband’s heart and she fit into our family seamlessly. She is a lovebug with a huge heart and LOVES the water! She’s just started taking more adventures into the wild and she couldn’t be more happy. We’re so thankful we found this little one who has grown to be our largest dog at nearly sixty pounds.

And finally, Nihmh. You know her story best if you’ve been following our journey on social media these past six months. I began my search for my first Service Dog towards the end of 2016. When my plans fell through on a Golden Retriever puppy I had a security deposit on due to financial difficulty, I felt discouraged and accepted the fact that a Service Dog may not be part of my treatment. Almost two months later, I crossed paths with Nihmh’s breeder who surprisingly lived in the area. Nihmh and another puppy were available and I made plans to meet them since they were a smaller version of my favorite breed and at least I could have another companion during my many days spent at home. Much to my surprise, Nihmh became the perfect little partner for me and I truly feel this was God’s plan all along. Nihmh is not perfect by any means, but she is perfect for me and my needs. I am forever grateful to Jamie, who helped me in my time of need by matching me with the missing piece of my heart.

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  • Norah sounds like Skyla! 😂Such a cute family ♡ I love them! I haven’t even met them! ♡ Your family is almost as big as your heart ♡ A perfect family and blend of pups. Each with a story and purpose ♡