National Day of the Horse

National Day of the Horse

I fell in love with horses from the moment I laid eyes upon them as a little girl. Needless to say, I took every opportunity to be with horses, whether it was my extended family’s horses on their ranch hours away or my own herd of wild toy horses. Growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles didn’t exactly lend itself towards owning a horse of my own, nor was it affordable since the only option was to board elsewhere. But when I was eleven years old, I fell in love with a 9 month old filly and knew in my heart she was meant to be mine. Defying all odds (and with my mother’s incredible help, no less), determination allowed me to succeed in finding a reasonable place to board in our very own neighborhood next to my best childhood friend who had a horse of her own.

Eternity was the most incredible horse I’d known. She taught me countless lessons… and at times it seemed as if she was the very horse version of myself. Unfortunately, our time together was cut short when I lost her to colic at only eight years old. I was devastated and crushed. With the way our life had unfolded in those last years, it seemed impossible to ever be able to afford a horse again and I couldn’t bear the pain and disappointment. For years, I closed off my heart to anything horse related and I completely lost one of my core qualities. That is… until I attended a retreat at The Medicine Horse Project in 2016 where I met Reign, a Mustang yearling who was rescued from the Fort Polk herd in Louisiana. Reign and I had an unforgettable moment where I finally felt I could say goodbye to Eternity and begin healing.

By the end of the retreat, I knew in my heart I couldn’t leave this little Mustang behind… never knowing who he would end up with and chancing living with the regret of not making him my own for the rest of his life. Reign helped me jump boots first back into the world of horses and led me down the path to achieving my greatest dreams of being a horse trainer and working with wild horses. In time, we adopted Alex’s first horse, Honor, from Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue and then our first BLM rescued Mustang, Spirit. While I had been making great strides in reaching my dreams, from working with clients to joining the Board of Directors of a horse rescue, that momentum took me in the complete opposite direction when I came down with what we have recently learned is Valley Fever.

My health has always been one of my greatest enemies in life and while I hope I will one day be able to get back on track with working with one of God’s most beautiful creations… I’m thankful that I at least get to wake up every morning to see our very own herd of horses in their huge two acre pasture. Our horses are truly a gift from God and I feel very blessed to have reignited one of the core pieces that makes me feel whole.

If you would like to read an in depth account of how I met Reign (and the beginnings of my work with wild horses before I became too sick), visit my first blog, Wildspirite