Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday

Sometimes silence is the answer.

Oh, Monday. I’ll be honest with you all—the past two months I’ve struggled with motivation. I’ve endured some rather traumatic events and losses that have left me feeling down and I haven’t quite been able to find my rhythm again. But through all of the noise, I’ve realized that sometimes silence is the answer… in more ways than one.

In my adult life, I’ve come to realize just how prevalent people’s opinions are—most of which are simply that. Not rules. Not laws. But simply opinions. When these opinions arise, so does the opportunity for debate—often times over situations that do not personally affect one party. It is in these moments that sometimes silence is the answer. Although we may take others’ opinions to heart, carefully weighing them in our minds, rarely do we owe a reply. It is through this silence that I’ve found peace and where there is no fuel, the flame of threat will cease all together.

Another area of life this quote touches on is simply being. Through all of the noise and chaos we navigate day in and day out, sometimes silence is the answer. At times, it seems we have all become consumed by input, by responsibilities, by commitments. For many of us, the load becomes too overwhelming to bear. I’ve reflected on this area the most—because it’s exactly what my favorite place in the world taught me. There’s no where I would rather be than deep within the forest, hidden among the silence and free of all restrictions… even if just for a moment. When life becomes too much, remember to seek out the silence. Within it, you just may rediscover the motivation to propel you ever forward.

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