Mini Shepherds of Instagram

Mini Shepherds of Instagram

Brooklyn, New York

Justice is a New York princess, but that doesn’t mean she’s a girly girl! This spazzy little spitfire loves to give her big brother, Hero, a run for his money whether it’s beating him to a pulp or vying for their mom’s attention. Justice’s favorite place in the world is the dog park where she loves running up to each dog and turning around just as fast when they want to meet her. Her signature look is a denim collar with a brown rope leash–a look that’s caught the eye of many brands whom she now represents such as Handsome Mountain, Mattie + Margot and Clive & Bacon. Oh, did I mention she has her own Facebook page?

Brooklyn, New York

Hero is a self-proclaimed ladies man who can’t get enough of pun-filled jokes (or are they?). Hero certainly hit the jackpot when his mom adopted him from the local vet clinic she worked at. We’re not really sure we’ve ever seen a more pampered, high-class pooch! This four year old stud loves spending time in his very own backyard, sipping on a cold bowl of water. Hero is most recognizable in his Buffalo Plaid prints, from bandanas to bow ties. This Brooklyn heartthrob is in high demand, modeling for brands such as Unleash the Hounds, Mattie + Margot and Bearytail Leather Co.! We hear Hero’s quite popular on Facebook, as well.

East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Eli is an incredibly striking Mini American Shepherd who was born to be different. He is incredibly intuitive and sensitive to his environment and his girl’s emotions. He is a source of comfort and peace and often serves as a reminder of God’s faithfulness for his girl. From road trips to sneak attack kisses, Eli can’t get enough of being with his people, whose lives he’s changed in an undeniable way. Eli is also a natural model who often gets away with things thanks to his good looks–I mean, just look at those amber eyes! He is currently representing brands such as Kensie Arnold Designs and Molly & Me Boutique. We absolutely adore this boy and can’t wait to visit him and his mama in the future!

Meeker, Oklahoma

Presto Snitch is a beautiful female Mini American Shepherd that was born in Broken Arrow, OK on October 20, 2016. Both of her parents are working dogs with confirmation points and sporting agility. She has a little spot on her head which gave her name–Latigos Kiss of the Snitch. Presto absolutely loves traveling and embarking on new adventures, such as stand-up paddle boarding on the water or rounding up sheep in the fields. Presto is currently training to compete in disc, herding, agility, fly ball, dock diving and more! She already has her AKC Trick Dog Advanced (TKA), Do More With Your Dog Advanced Trick Dog (ATD) and S.T.A.R. Puppy titles. She is now working on gaining her performance title and as well as passing the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test so that she can become a therapy dog and bring comfort to the lives of others. Be sure to like Presto on Facebook!

Whidbey Island, Washington

Cooper is a gorgeous eight month old Mini American Shepherd born in Bellingham, WA on December 5, 2016. It was love at first sight for his parents (who weren’t even planning on placing a security deposit on a puppy yet!) and they have been smitten with Cooper’s charming personality ever since. This boy absolutely LOVES the beach and can’t get enough of sprinting along the coast with his sister, Marley. When he’s not at the beach, Coop loves tagging along in the truck as long as it means getting to be with his favorite people. Cooper is also thriving on a balanced raw fed diet and is working towards becoming an advocate for feeding a minimally processed and biologically appropriate diet. Don’t forget to bring goodies if you meet-up with this handsome little one–we hear he’s not one to refuse a treat!

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