Mini Memories

Mini Memories

Since summer is winding down, we wanted to plan the girls’ first beach trip and decided to meet-up with @theaussietrio and @nova.asd at Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach! It was our first trip ever to Rosie’s Dog Beach and so far it’s been our favorite beach to take all of the dogs. The waters were warm and calm enough for the girls to swim in which was a blast! It was also their first time off-leash amidst other dogs and people. I’m so proud of how well all of our girls did off leash–Jones on the other hand was determined to mark everything in sight before we left…

Although Nihmh has jumped into the pool (on her own) once or twice, she’s really not much of a water dog. It caught me by surprise when she so willingly went into the ocean, even after the waves would sweep her off her feet and cause her to begin swimming! There’s hope yet for her becoming a water dog, just like Khoena. I’m so proud of my little girl and how far she has come. She continues to come out of her shell and explore new experiences with gusto.

Out of all of her new friends, Nihmh adored Cowboy and was often seen chasing after him, only to stop at the last second and instead grab Khoena. I think she had a bit of a crush on him and was too shy to do anything about it! We had so much fun with our Aussie friends Cowboy, Faith, Easton and Nova and can’t wait to meet up again with them in the near future. Where do you love cooling off with your pups in the summertime?

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  • Beautiful photos, and such a fun adventure! Wish our girls had a solid recall, and that we could take a trip to the beach for some fun with them.. instead, we take trips to the dog park or to the park in town to adventure around. Though we have to be careful of the heat here in Florida, so we can’t do so often.

    • It was such a fun day! Perhaps you can bring the girls out for a California trip one of these days. Everyone would have a blast playing together at the beach. You and your sister do so well with Phantom and Gracie–I’m sure they’ll have solid recalls in no time.