The Raw Truth — Making Raw Affordable

The Raw Truth — Making Raw Affordable

One of the biggest hesitations of transitioning to a raw diet is cost. There are a variety of different kibble quality and prices to choose from, but when it comes to raw, the options begin to narrow down. It’s also not as simple as going to one source and picking up one bag to feed your dog for weeks. However, there are options for different households. When transitioning to a raw diet, you first want to keep in mind the vital reasons of feeding your dog a biologically appropriate diet. After, you need to decide whether convenience is worth a higher cost. If you live a busy lifestyle, perhaps a Pre-Measured Service is the right option for you. If you have a limited budget to work with, this is the advice we have for you.

Do your research.
One of the most important first steps is searching multiple stores and sources prior to purchasing. It is highly unlikely that one source is going to give you the best price on all of their different proteins and cuts of meat. Exercise patience and be sure to keep track of which sources have the products you’re looking for and what price they’re being sold at. Keep in mind that when you’re working with a limited budget, this will be an ongoing process (unless you find an unbeatable source, as discussed below).

Browse ethnic markets.
Ethnic markets often have the most variety available for purchase. It’s important to feed a minimum of three different proteins per meal, switching them up from week to week. In our experience, we have found that our local ethnic market has the most competitive prices when it comes to common proteins such as chicken, pork and beef. However, we’re still on the hunt for better prices of more exotic meats.

Locate local farms, ranches, hunters and butchers.
Our most recent success was connecting with a local ranch that sells organic beef. Given that certain parts of a bull are not in high demand (such as green tripe, kidney and testicles), you may be able to establish a long-term purchase agreement at a set price. Individuals such as farmers, ranchers and hunters are more likely to make a deal on their products. If you do not live in an agricultural area, search for butcher shops that may offer a special price for bulk deals.

Take advantage of sales.
We have missed the opportunity of stocking up on sales too many times only to have regretted it on our next shopping trip. When you find a good deal, be sure to stock up and freeze your loot for the next time you need it! It may take a bit of budget juggling for the time being, but it will keep your costs to a minimum in the long run. Do you have tips for making raw an affordable choice? Share with us in the comments below!