To continue our celebration of National Adopt A Dog Month here on the blog, we’re featuring multiple brands that give back to those in need. We genuinely believe in supporting small businesses, especially when every purchase make a difference in the lives of others. We hope you will take a moment to visit these special shops, pick up a few goodies of your own and #shopwhereitmatters. When it comes to shopping with these brands, everyone wins!

Lemonbug is a Southern California shop that creates handmade pieces meant to make a difference. Inspired by the founder’s own rescue dog, Louie (aka Lou Lou Lemonbug), this brand gives back to rescues and charities to help homeless animals like Louie find their own families to love. The best part is YOU get to choose which charity your purchase helps support! Lemonbug currently has over fifteen organizations to select from and has contributed over $10,000 to date! Treat yourself and make a difference–what could be better?

What are some of your popular pieces?
We have a super popular baby bracelet, which serves as a gift for young children especially for baptism and birthday. We also have a Mommy and me set for new moms and little ones.

What are Lemonbug’s achievements?
We were the featured jewelry line in the NFL Chargers store. We have had great collaborations with NFL players and reality TV stars benefiting victims of domestic violence and animal rescue.

What future goals is Lemonbug working towards?
Lemonbug is working on introducing some new collections (think rings and earrings) as well as partnering with more rescues and working closely with their staff and having our staff volunteer as a team in their operations. We are also working on partnering with influencers to get a bigger platform to advocate for the animals and rescues.

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