In Sickness and In Health

In Sickness and In Health

This afternoon I had my long-awaited appointment with my Pulmonologist. Over the summer, I was diagnosed with Coccidioides after finding a 26mm mass inside of my lung. Although important to treat immediately, our state insurance has proven difficult when it comes to getting proper diagnosis and treatment in a timely manner. Originally I was scheduled to have my treatment started in September, but my appointment was rescheduled last minute for two months later. Tomorrow I will be starting the treatment, which is expected to take three to six months to rid my body of the fungal infection.

We’ve spent much of this past year traveling all across our county to various specialist appointments, hoping for new answers after all of these years. It is one of the most frustrating and discouraging experiences to sit across from a doctor who doesn’t have an answer for you, or chooses a diagnosis that rids them of responsibility for your care. Despite this journey having been a rough one, I am forever thankful for my ever caring husband who always picks me up when I become downtrodden. I can’t imagine going through this process without such a special partner by my side–and the best part is, I have two.

Nihmh joined us today, not only for multiple doctor appointments, but for random, last minute errands. Today was by far the best public access outing we have had, despite it being the longest. My little sidekick was a trooper and got multiple compliments on being so well behaved in a professional environment. I am still over the moon with how far Nihmh has come since we started changing up our routine over the weekend. I feel so much closer to her, less frustrated and completely full of love. My journey has never been an easy one, but there’s no other family I’d rather have alongside me in sickness and in health.

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