I And Love And You

What we love about partnering with Chewy each month is not only having the opportunity to try new products, but being able to share the most successful ones with our readers. Quite possibly our most favorite treats we’ve tried yet has been the Nice Jerky Bites from I and Love and You. We also tried out their Fresh All Rover Breath Bones, which Nihmh loved, but likely won’t become a staple in our home since our dogs are fed a raw diet and lack the “bad breath” issues that are most commonly caused by kibble.

Since we have dogs of all sizes ranging from nine pounds to sixty pounds, we love when our treats are easily broken up into various different sizes. It’s also important to us that the main proteins be listed first in the ingredients list, which these treats deliver each and every time. The dogs absolutely love the taste of the treats and we love that there are few ingredients, not to mention these treats are completely grain free!

If you want to treat your pups to a few Nice Jerky Bites of their own, we highly recommend ordering the Variety Pack currently offered over at Chewy! Have you had a chance to try out other products from I and Love and You? We’d love to hear your own experience!