Huskies of Instagram

Huskies of Instagram

Sudbury, Ontario

Quite possibly our favorite duo on Instagram, River and Rain and their magnificent adventures are truly unforgettable. We’ve loved watching little Rain grow up alongside his big sister, River, and he’s only getting more handsome as time goes on. This goofball is one happy-go-lucky puppy who always has enough kisses to go around. He’s also your typical boy who’s always injuring himself, but hardly noticing when he’s on a mission! And then there’s River–a sassy girl who loves to cuddle with an exceptional personality to boot. River also has a special depth to her personality that’s not common in most dogs. It’s impossible to cover every little piece that makes these two dogs so special, but it’s no wonder they inspired their people to develop their very own brand brand, The Northern Dogs Co.

Ontario, Canada

We recently came across Luna through our friend, @wandering.nova, and we’re just in love with this happy girl! Luna loves hiking in the beautiful destinations of Ontario, Canada and we can’t get enough of their gorgeous adventures on the trail. She has also recently begun training for Canicross, a pulling sport her breed was bred to excel at. She recently launched her own blog, Team Running Husky, to document her Canicross journey. We always love learning about new sports–especially ones that involve Northern Breeds! We hope to meet Luna in our future travels to Canada (hopefully towards the end of the year!). Until then, we’ll just keep loving her beautiful photographs on Instagram.

Florida, United States

If there’s ever been a memorable father-son duo, it’s these two. You might recognize Dante’s handsome mug from our feature article on Air Husky–an app game inspired by Dante himself! His son, Antaeus, recently joined their family as an official pack member and we couldn’t be more happy (I mean, LOOK at that face)! Dante’s determined to break all of the common challenges of his breed–he doesn’t need to be crated, never attempts to make a run for it and has zero separation anxiety. “Like father, like son,” Antaeus is following in Dante’s pawprints and behaves exceptionally well for a three month old puppy. If you’re looking for snuggles and kisses, though, Antaeus is your boy. Dante would rather you keep your germs to yourself.

Nashville, Tennessee

Not only do I love this beautiful red-head, but her mama’s photography is absolutely stunning! These girls definitely live life on the wild side, always looking for adventure and exploring new places. Winter especially loves chasing waterfalls and swimming when the opportunity presents itself. One of the most inspiring qualities about Winter is her bravery with conquering her fear–it’s one of the very things that inspires her girl to do the same. Winter also has the silliest personality and is always finding new ways to make her people laugh. This fiery girl is not only a gorgeous model, an accomplished adventurer and a wonderful example for her breed… she’s a one-of-a-kind best friend.

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