Happy Tails

Happy Tails

We’re thankful for all of the connections we’ve made this month through our blog posts dedicated to National Adopt A Dog Month. We genuinely hope that our articles have inspired you to #consideradoptionfirst when adding a new furry one to your family. In conclusion of this month, we’d like to share with you a few “Happy Tails” about dogs who found their perfect forever home and got their second chance at a truly happy life. Visit these special pups on Instagram and show their families some love for being such selfless, kindhearted individuals!

Columbia, Missouri

Nelle is by far one of our favorite rescue stories and getting to watch her and her mom, Ellen, bond together through their Instagram stories has been so heartwarming. Nelle is an Australian Shepherd mix that was rescued at five months old from a local rescue in Missouri. She chose her mama from across the room when Ellen visited the rescue and immediately met her with plenty of puppy kisses. Since then, the duo has been tied at the hip through various activities like hiking, agility, dock diving and even cuddling. Nelle has given her mama the freedom and confidence to get to know herself, love herself and be comfortable exploring alone alongside her perfect sidekick. She’s also been an amazing partner, proving just how important communication is in all relationships. This flexible pup is always game for adventures and was quite the superstar at her first dock-diving competition. Oh, did I mentioned Nelle is named after Ellen? I think it’s one of the sweetest “Behind The Names” I’ve ever heard. These two are incredibly inspirational and they truly bring light to everyone’s lives they touch.

Shreveport, Louisiana

Sasha was her family’s first rescue dog, joining their other Siberian Husky, Mishka, in 2016. She was adopted when she was only six months old from the Barksdale Air Force Base. She is incredibly bonded to her mom, Kim, and is lovingly referred to as her shadow and her heart. Sasha will also protect and guard her mama, which is rare for her breed. When Kim first adopted Sasha, she had terrible social anxiety and often chewed her tail when she left. Through love and dedicated training, Sasha has since come a long way from where she first started. This girl’s special bond with her mama has taught Kim what unconditional love is and that you truly can overcome anything.

Kitsa is the latest addition to the Saddleback Sisters pack, joining the family when she was approximately five months old. Kitsa’s original owner was a young, pregnant mom that needed to rehome her for both of their sakes. This happy-go-lucky girl is never in a bad mood and is beyond social–she even watches TV with her pawrents! Kim looks fondly on their day spent at the dog water park where they spent hours playing after Kitsa’s two sisters went home. If she’s taught her mama anything, it’s to never take life too seriously and always have a smile for those you love. When asked if Kim was happy she chose adoption, her answer was an unhesitatingly “A thousand times, yes!”

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Buddy landed the jackpot when he was placed in foster care with his now-mom, Holly. This Doberman Pinscher was raised by an elderly couple in rural Minnesota who ended up needing to surrender him as their new assisted living facility did not allow his breed on their premises. What started out as a scared, trembling dog who refused to cross the threshold of his new home has blossomed into a confident companion, eager to greet strangers with a wagging nub summoning affection. Holly often reflects on Buddy’s newfound fervor for life and it’s helped her to enjoy the little things in life, never taking anything for granted.

Sophie was rescued from a South Dakota reservation in the dead of winter, starving and yet still producing milk from a recent litter of puppies. When she didn’t have a foster home confirmed at the rescue, Holly offered to take her in for the night… not realizing at the time, Sophie would also be going to her new forever home. This sweet, affectionate (and incredibly intelligent) dog instantly connected with her new mom on the deepest of levels. In their first year alone, Sophie became an AKC Good Citizen, a certified therapy dog and began excelling in her agility classes. If there truly is such a thing as a “heart-dog,” Holly believes it’s this special girl through and through.

Ruger is the latest addition to the pack, but certainly an important part of the family. Before landing in his forever home, Ruger had been surrendered twice in one year. At ninety pounds, he’s determined to prove that oversized lap dogs are totally a thing and he’s not afraid to huff and puff when he lets his pawrents know he needs something. Ruger’s also an advocate for the Doberman Pinscher breed as Holly says this active, healthy eight year old boy is the most balanced, gentle, sweet, protective and well-balanced Doberman she has ever met. It’s rescue stories like these that just go to show there are some incredible adult dogs just waiting for families like yours.

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