Golden Nectar

Golden Nectar

We have been most excited to share with you our experience using Pet Releaf‘s Hemp Oil 1000 for our dogs’ various needs. We wanted to be sure to thoroughly give it a run on multiple occasions and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results! When we first learned about Pet Releaf, we were looking for tools to help Nihmh’s timidness during her Public Access outings. It was easy for her to become overwhelmed and we could see her almost stuck inside of her own mind. After speaking to a fellow Instagrammer who used Pet Releaf’s oil for her dog’s severe anxiety, we decided to give it a shot to see if it would help Nihmh slow down and better process certain situations.

Following the recommended dosage for Nihmh’s weight, we started with one dropper of Hemp Oil–the equivalent of 1ml. Since we wanted to be sure Nihmh was in a safe environment in case she had a reaction, we started our trial here at our own home. Nihmh is a sweetheart who is surprisingly calm and well-behaved for her breed even on days without much exercise. Even so, we still noticed Nihmh was more relaxed and not as quick to become stressed in certain situations. On our first public outing, we noticed she was less reactive, but still on high alert. When we decided to begin slowly increasing the dosage, that’s when we really began to see incredible results.

Nihmh was still alert, but she was able to process what was going on around her much more successfully. Over time, her usual triggers began to subside and she has finally been able to reach the realization that her fears pose no real danger. Due to my health and limited ability to leave our ranch often, our training and progress is slow, but I am over the moon with the results we’ve had given our little exposure to the outside world. Nihmh performed almost flawlessly at a recent memorial and reception–I couldn’t have been more proud of her and I am so thankful to Pet Releaf for giving us the opportunity to use their products to help us overcome the challenges we’ve faced in Nihmh’s training.

In addition, we’ve also been using the Hemp Oil to help Norah‘s Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis flare-ups, which she has struggled with since she was a puppy. During severe flare-ups, Norah would lose her appetite, begin vomiting and eventually progress to gelatinous, bloody diarrhea. We spent many hours and dollars at the Emergency Veterinarian when she was a puppy to save her from the worst of the flare-ups. As the years have gone on, we’ve gotten a better handle on them, however we hadn’t been able to avoid them completely. We realized that when Norah would vomit, it was due to the pain she was experience in her abdomen.

Due to her loss of appetite, we were unable to see if Pet Releaf’s Edibites would help her during her flare-ups. Once we received the oil, we decided to use 0.50ml (the recommended dosage for dogs under 25lbs) and were SO happy when her tummy pain began to subside and she never approached the vomiting stage. We’re thrilled to say that since we’ve been using the Pet Releaf oil, Norah has not had any bloody stool–a result we are extremely grateful for. Depending on the situation and Norah’s request (she sits pretty and waves at us when she is feeling sick or is in need of something), we have increased her dose to 0.75ml or 1ml. There’s also no one else that loves this Hemp Oil more than Norah who will try to lick the dropper as we’re giving the other dogs what we fondly refer to as their “golden nectar.” If there’s one company we believe in wholeheartedly for natural anxiety and pain relief, it’s Pet Releaf.

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