Falling For Autumn

Falling For Autumn

Fall is absolutely my favorite season. From cozy blankets and coconut hot cocoa to flannels and fiery leaves, there’s just nothing better than the Autumn atmosphere. We are all dancing with joy that the temperatures have finally been dropping, allowing us to leave our back door open throughout the day. It’s also much easier with my health to be out in cooler weather, as warmer weather exacerbates many of my conditions. It’s our first Fall here at the new ranch, so I am excited to see just what other colors we’ll have popping up this season. Not to mention what we’ll find on our trips up the mountain!

We also have an exciting announcement to kick off this season–Nihmh is an official Fall 2017 model for Oliver & Me! We have been customers of this adorable little bandana shop for quite some time and we are SO excited over the recent launch of their latest Fall collection. We deviated from our predictable choice of a red flannel and instead chose this bright, feminine print. If you want to score a few bandanas for your pups, use our model code NIHMH15 to save 15% on your order!

Not only are the leaves beginning to fall from the trees, but the moss is returning to the boulders around our property, which I love so much. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Sequoia National Forest, make a few plans this season before the snow starts falling! Heading into the forest almost feels like time travel and sometimes I dream of finding our own little getaway cabin. As we wrap up our first post of the season, I want to express my gratitude to you for supporting our blog and following our adventures on Social Media this summer. Each and every comment I receive has brightened my day and I am so thankful to have made such wonderful friends. Have a happy Fall, ya’ll!

2 thoughts on “Falling For Autumn”

  • Sounds like a perfect fall! I love that bandana on Nihmh! ♡ so cute! ♡ I love fall! I’m glad your health will be improving! Let the sweater weather begin! ♡ Take it easy you too! ♡

    • Thanks, sweetie! I’m really glad I chose this bandana instead of our usual red plaid choice. I think it’s just adorable on her!