Dome Rock

Since my health has declined to the point of disability this past year, it’s been nearly impossible to make our way up the mountain to my favorite place. When we moved out of Los Angeles in 2016, it was our desire to live somewhere more rural so that we could explore and adventure with our dogs more than could in the city. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go accordingly as planned… a lesson we’ve learned time and time again in 2017.

Even though I had been struggling, we decided to take an impromptu trip out of the heat and up to Dome Rock in Ponderosa. It was a breath of fresh air in every way and I am so glad I was able to get back to the wild. It can be incredibly overwhelming to live each day in a chronically ill body… but there’s something about the peace and quiet and true vastness of nature that is so healing.

It was Nihmh’s first trip to the mountains and her first hike overall. As with most new experiences, Nihmh was unsure of this new environment but quickly embraced it and wanted to explore. There were so many incredible fallen trees and boulders that I would have loved to scale and climb… but perhaps in the future when I am able to regain my strength. Natural obstacles like those have always been my absolute favorite for confidence training and I hope that I am able to work with Nihmh over them in the future. For now, I am grateful our own five acre property has similar smaller obstacles for us to work with. Where is your favorite place to go adventuring?

5 thoughts on “Dome Rock

  1. I’m glad you were able to explore! It’s an awful thing to stop what you love, fight on girl!♡

  2. I wish that @arty.the.aussie and I lived closer to somewhere to adventure. I miss the rock forms of kilarny so much. Looks like so much fun you guys! Keep doing what you love.

  3. Wish we could go adventuring but we’re stuck in the city!! 🙈 Hopefully someday! Love your photos!