Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

This is my happy face because December has been one of the best months of my life! Not only have we received multiple generous gifts from new friends of ours, but I also recently scored my first two official jobs with Petco! The first campaign was for their grooming salon where I was pampered with my first full bath and haircut. It’s no secret I am shy… but the groomers there were so kind, patient and gentle with me. I think the next time will be even better–after all, I’ve never looked so fabulously fluffy. My girl keeps telling people I looked like I was sparkling when she picked me up!

We also got to shoot a second campaign for Petco where we got to go on a shopping spree and choose a ton of new toys and supplies. It’s tough to even choose a favori–who am I kidding, we scored treats that are to DIE FOR. Those were definitely my favorite. My girl said it’s a good thing our closest Petco is an hour away… but I don’t understand why since we could literally shop there every. single. day. if it were closer! Sometimes human reasoning is beyond me.

Also, two words: Moose Wears. When the shop reached out to my girl to send some goodies my way, I never in a bajillion years expected the generous gift box I received. Not one, but TWO gorgeous collars (the most beautiful winter collars I’ve ever laid eyes on, no less) and TWO bandanas! Gabby even included some extra toys and treats, but my girl is literally hoarding the little Bucket of Apples toy from BarkShop because she doesn’t want me to destroy it. Little does she know, I’ve already got Jones working on the case so we can play with it before she even notices it’s missing!

I think I hear my girl calling… until next time, Diary!


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