The First Year

While we don’t celebrate, the first year with dogs is usually one of the most special milestones. It’s no secret this year has been one of the most difficult for me personally and I am so grateful to have found my perfect little partner to help me through the days, the weeks and the months. Nihmh and I have grown close to one another in the eight months we’ve been together and in that time, she’s taught me several invaluable lessons. Because of Nihmh, I’ve been able to make some wonderful connections–both online and offline–in ways I’m not sure I […]

A Few Words

We had originally planned to feature our favorite shops for Cyber Muttday but unfortunately experienced a family tragedy over the weekend and lost a sweet, furry extended family member that we’ve had for ten years. Dottie was a special little Poodle that brought joy to our entire family–we will all miss her so very much and are still in shock that she is no longer with us. We appreciate your warm thoughts and understanding during this difficult time while we get back on track with our regular schedule.

With Honor

Remember that saying “When it rains, it pours”? For months, my mother and sister have been planning a three week trip to Italy as my sister is interested in living abroad to pursue her ministry. While they’re away, Alex and I will be holding down the fort at the ranch while watching their dogs as well. The four of us planned to make the three and a half hour trip to the LAX airport this morning at six am, even making time to do public access training with Nihmh at the airport. Alex’s filly, Honor, on the other hand, had […]

Over The Weekend

I recently won a Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens and had the chance to take it for a spin this weekend! Raising a dog while disabled has been a completely different experience than I’ve been used to in the past with our two littles. When I was healthier, Alex and I brought Norah and Jones along with us everywhere we went–whether we were shopping or hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains. They were exposed to so many experiences and we had plenty of opportunity to bond with them through various adventures. Being sick and severely limited, however, had made the same […]

Home On The Ranch

What started out as a serene “day in the life” photoshoot this morning quickly turned into a wild goose chase after my favorite rooster. Nihmh became a bit enthusiastic with her job and herded our rooster onto the roof of the coop, all while I was trying to hold onto Khoena and my favorite hen so we wouldn’t have two chickens on the loose. After I put three of the dogs up, Norah and I went to track down our rooster and shoo him back home.┬áThirty minutes later, after multiple laps around the stable, crossing fence-lines and getting scratched up […]