Home On The Ranch

What started out as a serene “day in the life” photoshoot this morning quickly turned into a wild goose chase after my favorite rooster. Nihmh became a bit enthusiastic with her job and herded our rooster onto the roof of the coop, all while I was trying to hold onto Khoena and my favorite hen so we wouldn’t have two chickens on the loose. After I put three of the dogs up, Norah and I went to track down our rooster and shoo him back home.┬áThirty minutes later, after multiple laps around the stable, crossing fence-lines and getting scratched up […]

Dome Rock

Since my health has declined to the point of disability this past year, it’s been nearly impossible to make our way up the mountain to my favorite place. When we moved out of Los Angeles in 2016, it was our desire to live somewhere more rural so that we could explore and adventure with our dogs more than could in the city. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go accordingly as planned… a lesson we’ve learned time and time again in 2017. Even though I had been struggling, we decided to take an impromptu trip out of the heat and up to […]

Mini Memories

Since summer is winding down, we wanted to plan the girls’ first beach trip and decided to meet-up with @theaussietrio and @nova.asd at Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach! It was our first trip ever to Rosie’s Dog Beach and so far it’s been our favorite beach to take all of the dogs. The waters were warm and calm enough for the girls to swim in which was a blast! It was also their first time off-leash amidst other dogs and people. I’m so proud of how well all of our girls did off leash–Jones on the other hand was […]

Five Months Later

Five months. It seems time has been flying by faster than we could have ever grasped. Nihmh is now nine months old and has been blossoming into the most beautiful dog I’ve ever known. She certainly takes after her Grand Champion father’s fine looks and we’re looking forward to seeing how she fully matures. These past five months have been packed with new experiences, exciting adventures and dedicated Service Dog training. As most of you know from following Nihmh’s journey on social media, Nihmh is now consistently alerting to me to medical changes ahead of time so that I can […]

Meet Nihmh

In the Fall of 2016, my chronic health conditions had declined to the point of disability. For over a decade, I have been battling the wars inside my body, searching for answers and finding very few. It had been a discouraging journey and I felt at a loss for what to do next. In my research, I came across a special Golden Retriever Service Dog that mitigated her handler’s various disabilities. Watching this incredible dog with her handler immediately resonated with me and I began to delve more deeply into researching Service Dogs and their purpose. Soon, I learned of […]