Meet Ollie

Meet Ollie. Ollie is our newest Rover guest and will be staying with us through the beginning of the new year while his owner is spending the holidays out of state. Ollie is a two year old Mountain Cur who loves adventure and play-time! We thought he would hit it off best with Khoena given their size and resemblance, but he and Nihmh have become quick friends. Nihmh has always been the most friendly and outgoing with our Rover guests, which I am so thankful for since our other three tend to be more reserved. If you’re traveling for the […]

Shepherds of Instagram

LUPIN @wanderlust.wolves Southampton, England Talk about one stunning Shepherd. Although Lupin was one of twelve puppies in his litter, he was the only pure black puppy. Naturally, this gorgeous boy served as the perfect muse for his girl who has grown leaps and bounds as a photographer and editor since she brought him home. These two are attached at the hip, going anywhere and everywhere together they possibly can, choosing only destinations where they can be together. At only eleven months old, Lupin has already proven to be a lifesaver to his girl, motivating her to keep her job, care […]

Motivational Monday

Sometimes silence is the answer. Oh, Monday. I’ll be honest with you all—the past two months I’ve struggled with motivation. I’ve endured some rather traumatic events and losses that have left me feeling down and I haven’t quite been able to find my rhythm again. But through all of the noise, I’ve realized that sometimes silence is the answer… in more ways than one. In my adult life, I’ve come to realize just how prevalent people’s opinions are—most of which are simply that. Not rules. Not laws. But simply opinions. When these opinions arise, so does the opportunity for debate—often […]

Dear Diary

Dear Diary, This is my happy face because December has been one of the best months of my life! Not only have we received multiple generous gifts from new friends of ours, but I also recently scored my first two official jobs with Petco! The first campaign was for their grooming salon where I was pampered with my first full bath and haircut. It’s no secret I am shy… but the groomers there were so kind, patient and gentle with me. I think the next time will be even better–after all, I’ve never looked so fabulously fluffy. My girl keeps […]

All About Nihmh

Nihmh loves the camera. I never thought a dog could love a camera so much, but Nihmh certainly proved me wrong. All it takes is lifting the camera up (even if just to remove the SD card) for Nihmh to fly around the room in utter excitement. Since she gets plenty of time to run around outside with the other dogs, I’m not quite sure what it is about the camera that fills her heart with such joy. In recent weeks, we’ve been spending our one-on-one time with the camera… and since she’s asked to model and pose so much, […]