All About Nihmh

Nihmh loves the camera. I never thought a dog could love a camera so much, but Nihmh certainly proved me wrong. All it takes is lifting the camera up (even if just to remove the SD card) for Nihmh to fly around the room in utter excitement. Since she gets plenty of time to run around outside with the other dogs, I’m not quite sure what it is about the camera that fills her heart with such joy. In recent weeks, we’ve been spending our one-on-one time with the camera… and since she’s asked to model and pose so much, […]


One of our favorite weekly hashtags on social media was #tongueouttuesday until we came across a few Shepherds showing off their massive jaws for #teethouttuesday. I had to laugh the first time I searched for photos of Nihmh showing off her pearly whites because she has the most innocent toothy smile where only her bottom teeth are showing. It’s hardly intimidating, but it’s definitely one of the most endearing things about her. Earlier today, I came across this gem which shows one of the most incredible benefits to feeding raw–pure white teeth! After having fed dogs kibble my entire life, […]

Motivational Monday

Dream. Believe. Achieve. This past year, I’ve taken hold to these words to define what I live by each and every day. Regardless of our abilities (or disabilities), we all have the opportunity each and every day to do at least one of these things… sometimes even all three! These three little words have helped me to not lose hope; to not get discouraged on the days I feel there’s been little accomplishment. Instead, at any given moment, we can still make progress, which is essentially our journey in life. What are your dreams? Believe in them with all your heart. […]

All About Danie

It has been such a privilege getting to know so many new friends and faces over the course of Nihmh’s and my journey together. It’s humbling to know that so many of you enjoy our photos and our stories enough to loyally follow along on our adventures. Through this series, I hope you’re able to get to know the girl behind the lens, and the words you see daily, a little better each month. I would love to get to know each of you more on these topics as well, if you would like to share your experience in the comments […]

Over The Weekend

After an exhausting weekend with a colicking horse and four sick dogs, we decided to take the weekend off to relax and recoup–which didn’t yield many exciting photos, but was much needed nonetheless! Does it ever seem like the weekends fly by more quickly when we have less on the to-do list? Thankfully we were still able to accomplish more housework and prep work for our remodel. I can’t wait to start tearing down walls and reconstructing our floorplan! Now for some real talk–because it’s always been important to me to be transparent with my readers in the hope that […]