Golden Nectar

We have been most excited to share with you our experience using Pet Releaf‘s Hemp Oil 1000 for our dogs’ various needs. We wanted to be sure to thoroughly give it a run on multiple occasions and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results! When we first learned about Pet Releaf, we were looking for tools to help Nihmh’s timidness during her Public Access outings. It was easy for her to become overwhelmed and we could see her almost stuck inside of her own mind. After speaking to a fellow Instagrammer who used Pet Releaf’s oil for her dog’s […]

I And Love And You

What we love about partnering with Chewy each month is not only having the opportunity to try new products, but being able to share the most successful ones with our readers. Quite possibly our most favorite treats we’ve tried yet has been the Nice Jerky Bites from I and Love and You. We also tried out their Fresh All Rover Breath Bones, which Nihmh loved, but likely won’t become a staple in our home since our dogs are fed a raw diet and lack the “bad breath” issues that are most commonly caused by kibble. Since we have dogs of […]

Pet Releaf

One of our challenges with Nihmh’s public access training has been her timidness. Often times her brain runs much faster than she can properly process certain situations, which sometimes increases her fear and causes anxiety. Due to my disabilities often keeping me housebound, our training in this area has been much slower paced than is ideal. Upon learning about Pet Releaf’s line of products and the incredible results our fellow Instagrammers were having with their own dogs, we knew we had to give them a shot. We’re so excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Pet Releaf to not only […]

A Hawaiian Dream

We first introduced you to Bow Addo last month during National Adopt A Dog Month as part of our #shopwhereitmatters series and fell in love with their brand as a whole. One of the things I love most about Bow Addo is their generous donation of 20% of their sales to the Maui Humane Society–since their launch in early 2017, they’ve raised over $1,350 alone! I also have a soft spot for Hawaiian brands since my first (and only!) flight was to Kauai when I was four years old. When we first received our package from Bow Addo, we couldn’t […]


When it comes to training treats, our go-to has been Zuke’s selection of soft bites which are easily broken up into smaller pieces for longer training sessions. Not only do we love Zuke’s more sophisticated re-branding, but we recently learned of their new Superfood Blend treats and had to try them out! As part of our monthly Chewy boxes, we chose to receive two different flavors–Great Greens and Bold Berries. We may be biased vegans, but these are quite possibly the yummiest smelling treats we’ve ever had! By the look on Nihmh’s face, we think she agrees they’re pretty tasty, […]