Farewell 2017

It’s hard to imagine 2017 is coming to a close. As we get older, it has seemed that time has begun to speed up as well. It makes us cherish the special moments all the more so, because moments are fleeting but memories are forever. This year, both Nihmh and Khoena came into our lives and we’re so thankful to have these unique girls around each and every day. We’ve also had incredible opportunities working with brands like Chewy, Petco and Pet Releaf. But best of all, we’ve made countless new friends who have stood by, supported us and helped […]

National Day of the Horse

I fell in love with horses from the moment I laid eyes upon them as a little girl. Needless to say, I took every opportunity to be with horses, whether it was my extended family’s horses on their ranch hours away or my own herd of wild toy horses. Growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles didn’t exactly lend itself towards owning a horse of my own, nor was it affordable since the only option was to board elsewhere. But when I was eleven years old, I fell in love with a 9 month old filly and knew in […]

A Friend In Need

Today’s post is dedicated entirely to one of my closest friends, Shannon, who many know as @wandering.nova on Instagram. Shannon has one of the most kind, modest and humble hearts I’ve ever known. She inspires me to be a more understanding and forgiving individual and she is always there to pick others up when they’re feeling down. Now, it’s Shannon who is in need of support. Her German Shepherd puppy, Nova, has been undergoing specialized training to become a dependable Service Dog to mitigate Shannon’s disability. Unfortunately, Nova’s recent examination and further testing has shown likely nerve damage that will […]

As The Green Grass Grows

We are SO excited that the grass is returning to the ranch! When we first found our property back in January, we fell in love with the lush hills and green pastures. Summertime here seems to zap all life and our surroundings quickly grow brown. As the temperatures begin to cool with the arrival of Fall, the moss on the boulders starts to grow and as the dew thickens in the early mornings, little blades of grass begin to sprout from the previously parched ground. While I don’t particularly have a favorite season, I do have a favorite environment. I […]

Happy Tails

We’re thankful for all of the connections we’ve made this month through our blog posts dedicated to National Adopt A Dog Month. We genuinely hope that our articles have inspired you to #consideradoptionfirst when adding a new furry one to your family. In conclusion of this month, we’d like to share with you a few “Happy Tails” about dogs who found their perfect forever home and got their second chance at a truly happy life. Visit these special pups on Instagram and show their families some love for being such selfless, kindhearted individuals! NELLE @wokepupper Columbia, Missouri Nelle is by […]