Pumpkin Pawps

We’re celebrating Fall with our first recipe–Pumpkin Pawps! These delicious doggy pawpcicles are a hit in our house and we love how versatile they are to add your favorite ingredients! It’s important to only feed in moderation according to your dog’s size (as with any treat) so as not to upset their tummy. We used our favorite silicone pawprint molds for today’s Pumpkin Pawps and highly recommend them! Ingredients 1 c. Unsweetened Pumpkin Puree* 2 Ripe Bananas 1 tbsp. Chia Seeds Choice of Fruit(s) * Avoid using Pumpkin Pie blends as these mixtures are often too high in sugar and […]

The Raw Truth — Observing The Benefits

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing The Raw Truth from our perspective this week! Transitioning our four dogs to a raw diet this year was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for our pack—our only regret is we didn’t know about it earlier! The benefits have far outweighed the extra effort and all of the difficult lessons learned in the beginning. These are the benefits we’ve observed thus far in the four months we’ve been raw feeding. We would love to hear which benefits you’ve observed with your own dogs! Lean, clean machine. Our littles, Norah and Jones, are […]

The Raw Truth — Making Raw Affordable

One of the biggest hesitations of transitioning to a raw diet is cost. There are a variety of different kibble quality and prices to choose from, but when it comes to raw, the options begin to narrow down. It’s also not as simple as going to one source and picking up one bag to feed your dog for weeks. However, there are options for different households. When transitioning to a raw diet, you first want to keep in mind the vital reasons of feeding your dog a biologically appropriate diet. After, you need to decide whether convenience is worth a […]

Quick Questions

This week’s Quick Questions is dedicated to popular questions all about Nihmh’s raw diet! It’s our hope that more pets will eventually switch to raw feeding and start living healthier lives. If you have a question you would like to see answered on the blog, please email us at nihmh@nihmh.com! Why did you decide to switch Nihmh to a raw diet? We had heard of the raw diet for quite some time… but we never fully understood the importance of it until we began our research. Not only did we realize we were sacrificing quality and health for the sake […]

The Raw Truth — Lessons Learned

Before we started raw feeding, I knew that it was going to take a bit more effort than pouring kibble from a store-bought bag. It turns out I completely underestimated just what was involved in beginning raw feeding when self-prepping. Although I had done extensive research on the important factors of a raw diet, there were still areas, such as excess meat storage and daily meal containers, that no one seemed to really talk about. Let’s just say we learned a LOT of these lessons the hard way and we hope you can build off of our experience to have […]