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Bow Addo

To continue our celebration of National Adopt A Dog Month here on the blog, we’re featuring multiple brands that give back to those in need. We genuinely believe in supporting small businesses, especially when every purchase make a difference in the lives of others. We hope you will take a moment to visit these special shops, pick up a few goodies of your own and #shopwhereitmatters. When it comes to shopping with these brands, everyone wins!

Bow Addo is a true Hawaiian gem in the world of pet apparel that recently launched in March 2017. Since their founding, Bow Addo has already sold over 800 products and has raised over $1,350 for the Maui Humane Society! This small family owned and operated business is exceptional, from the quality of their products to their top-notch, kind and thorough customer service. It’s evident by their rave reviews that Bow Addo loves not only pets around the globe, but each and every one of their customers. We couldn’t be happier to share such a lovely shop with all of our readers.

What is Bow Addo’s mission?
Support local. Local support. Bow Addo was built with the mission of helping to support our local humane society and give back to our community. We support local by buying locally sourced materials and we give local support by donating 20% of all sales directly to the Maui Humane Society. 20% right off the top of each order placed, not 20% of profits.

What makes Bow Addo unique?
Our products themselves are unique. Bow Addo bow ties are not made from a YouTube DIY. We spent years designing and redesigning them, until we crafted the perfect collar bow tie. We double back and hand stitch each piece to ensure durability. Our bandanas are sewn with a top-of-the-line industrial serger. They are complete with pearl snaps to avoid a bulky knot and the tags are made with vegan cork leather – animal friendly products for our animal friends!

What organizations has Bow Addo supported?
We are an official sponsor of the Maui Humane Society. As volunteers at this shelter, it is so great to see exactly where our donations are being put to use. This money helps provide basic needs for the homeless animals, necessary veterinary care and staffing. It helps to make free spay/neuter clinics possible, and gives flight to a program called Wings of Aloha. Our small island has an overpopulation of animals and Wings of Aloha gives pets the ability to fly to the mainland where their forever home is already awaiting their arrival.

What are Bow Addo’s achievements?
We could have never imagined that our tiny company out here on this little volcano in the middle of the Pacific Ocean would have taken off like it has. Our first big break was working with the subscription company “The Dapper Dog Box”, where we featured the Aloha Nights bandana in their August box. Our next wholesale order was with Georgia Pet Supply, where we are featured on their online e-shop. Our first brick and mortar appearance is in Panama at an adorable pet shop called The Woof Shop and we are already working on their second order! We have been selected amongst hundreds of applicants to be featured at Maui’s largest festival – Made on Maui coming up in November, where we hope to gain more wholesale clients!

What is your inspiration for Bow Addo?
Our rescue dog, Aspen, was the main inspiration for our small business endeavor. He was our very first rescue of our own and we wanted to show him love, compassion, and freedom… things he had never known before. I had an idea to give him something as a token of his freedom. So like the sock that freed Dobby, Aspen was given his first bow tie. Over the years, Aspen’s bow ties became his signature style. They made him even more approachable, even more sociable, even more devilishly handsome. No matter where we were, he’s always gotten WAY more compliments than my very best outfit, ten fold. It was after years of encouragement from friends, family, and even strangers that my fiance and I decide to take the leap. We had realized that we could combine our passions for animals and crafts to create something that would not only give back to our local community, but also support a cause that is very near to our hearts.

What is the meaning behind the name Bow Addo?
Addo is Latin for “to give, to cause, to inspire.” At Bow Addo, we unapologetically love our fur babies, your fur babies, and ALL fur babies. Our 4-legged children rock handmade bow ties + bandanas on the reg and the amount of compliments and positive feedback they’ve received has INSPIRED us to design more while GIVING back to a worthy CAUSE, one that gave us the opportunity to rescue and be rescued.

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  • We love supporting shops that give back to the ASPCA and other shelters ♡ If not for them I wouldn’t have my precious pup! ♡ I will check them out!