Border Collies of Instagram

Border Collies of Instagram

New Brunswick, Canada

Luna is a striking green-eyed, fiery coat Border Collie hailing from New Brunswick. She may only be a year old, but this girl loves adventuring in the woods where she has access to all the best smells, tree branches and even fresh snow. Luna is a sensitive, kind-hearted sweetheart who stole her mama’s heart with those same qualities the day they met. Her favorite pastime is playing fetch in the great wide open, especially with rope toys! When all is said and done, Luna much prefers the company of her humans over that of dogs and she’ll never miss her opportunity of greeting anyone a big ‘ole kiss!

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Recently chosen as the cover for Pupfluence‘s 2018 Calendar, you could say that Ego is one of the most recognizable Border Collies in the Instagram community. We’re absolutely in love with this handsome boy’s unique coat and piercing amber eyes. Whether he’s dashing through the snow or strutting the city streets, Ego is sure to make heads turn. At only a year old, Ego has proven to be quite the influencer, working with brands such as Love Your Melon and Furbo. Did we mention he’s also an agility star?

Minnesota, United States

Skye is a sassy, blue-eyed Border Collie that absolutely adores people. Although her girl admits she was an impulse buy, Skye has proven to be an incredible partner. From getting her girl out on the trail more often to becoming her girl’s muse for her photography, Skye has made a world of difference. She even naturally alerts to anxiety attacks ahead of time, always keeping her girl safe and sound. We’ve loved following Skyes adventures over the past year and are excited for their future move to Wisconsin later this year!