Motivational Monday

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” — Henry FordIf you’re familiar with archery, you understand that your arrow is held with you briefly in the moment. Your objective is often to hit the target with flying colors—which usually means the bullseye. Yet in order for that arrow to hit the target, you must aim. Not too low, nor too high, but aim for the realistic mark before you. Our personal lives are no different. Although we may not have complete control of the elements (such as the wind), we do our best to succeed […]

The Call of the Wild · Week V

It’s our final week of reading The Call of The Wild, can you believe it!? We’re so close to announcing the winner of our end-of-book Gift Box! Be sure to return to the past discussion posts so that you can earn points for your chance to win. Let’s make the end of this first book one to remember! Discussion Questions · What is the call of the wild? · How have your feelings towards Buck evolved throughout the book? · After finishing the novel, do you feel that every dog would be happier living in the wild? · What will you take […]

Bearytail Leather Co.

When you fall in love, the desire to continue looking elsewhere ceases all together. We first found Bearytail Leather Co. in early 2017 and were immediately stunned by the beauty and high quality of their handcrafted products. Amanda Mei, founder and #girlboss of Bearytail Leather Co., is one of the most kind-hearted, genuine people we’ve ever met. Unlike many of her competitors, Amanda truly loves leather-working and is an open-book when it comes to helping others develop their own love of the art. She has also spent countless hours documenting her thorough process from start to finish—often upwards of 6 […]

Huskies of Instagram

RIVER and RAIN @thenortherndogs Sudbury, Ontario Quite possibly our favorite duo on Instagram, River and Rain and their magnificent adventures are truly unforgettable. We’ve loved watching little Rain grow up alongside his big sister, River, and he’s only getting more handsome as time goes on. This goofball is one happy-go-lucky puppy who always has enough kisses to go around. He’s also your typical boy who’s always injuring himself, but hardly noticing when he’s on a mission! And then there’s River–a sassy girl who loves to cuddle with an exceptional personality to boot. River also has a special depth to her […]

New Year

While we don’t participate in the festivities surrounding the new year, there’s always a buzz of excitement for starting fresh. A chapter ends and a new one begins—mostly in regards to business ventures. Here are a few short-term and long-term goals we hope to achieve or set out on the path of achieving this year. SHORT-TERM Seize the day. Read the bible daily. Develop a signature style. Unplug from the electronic world. Take more time for meditation and prayer. LONG-TERM Embrace spontaneity. Become more grounded. Reduce our carbon footprint. Find the beauty in minimalistic living. Cherish the blessings we’ve already […]